The Other Gilbert Girl


2. Elena The Dopplabitch!

I woke up in a dark cell. I'm having a weird feeling of déjàvo. I do not want to think of them times.

it was then that the door started to creek. Then, coming in was a serious hottie! He had pitch black hair and piercing neon blue eyes.

He shut the door behind him.

"Why do you look similar to Elena."

Oh, the she devil got to him! I bet he is head over heels in love with her!

"Oh, let me guess, you are head over heels in love with little miss perfect Elena Marisa Gilbert?" I asked sounding factual.

"How do you know. And anyway, she's going out with my brother."

"OMG! Are you the oh so famous, Damon Salvatore? Kitty Kat has told me so much about you! The brother who loved her too much, then your brother who didn't love her enough."

"Who the hell is Kitty Kat?"

"Katerina Petrova, or as you know her, Katherine Pierce."

The look on his face was priceless!

"I didn't take you as a..."


"Who the hell are you?"

So my lite sister didn't tell anyone about me?

"My name is... Christy Isobel Pierce Gilbert. Elena's twin sister."

"Elena doesn't have a twin sister."

Oh denial. Poor guy.

"Denial, denial, denial!" I sang.

"Shut UP!"

"Don't get you nickers in a twist!" I instructed him, sarcastically.

"I don't LIKE you!" he told me.

"Feelings mutual."

"I would watch who your talking to!"

"Am I getting the big bad vampire angry?" I asked in a baby voice.

Just then I heard someone talking and I knew exactly who it was. The biatchy voice that made me want to vomit! Elena!

"Damon! Are you ok! Who are you talking to?" she then thought about it, "Are you torturing someone again?"

Seems like he makes a habit of kidnapping and torturing.

"Yes, and come down if you want to know who I'm talking to."

I heard her foot step coming down the stairs. That's when I saw her. She may look like Kitty Kat but she's nothing like Kathy!

"Christy?" Elena asked pretending to be shocked, I could see through her fake mask, she wasn't shocked but disappointed and was looking at me in disgust!

How can no one see that?!

"Hey little sis! Long time no see! Missed your big sister slash twin sister?!"

"Of course! Your my big sister!"

"Dam Dam!? Can you let me goo?! I'm REALLY uncomfortable!" I asked sweetly.


Then bam! I'm untied and stood up!

"Well this has been fun, but I really have to be going! Got to go home and get ready for hell school!" I explained to them.

"Don't you mean HIGH school?" Damon asked.

"No I mean 'hell school'. See ya!"

Well this has been... interesting!

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