The Other Gilbert Girl


1. Coming Home! Then Getting Kidnapped!

Ah there's the Mystic Fall Welcome Sign! How much I've missed that sign! (note the sarcasm)

I'm planning on bringing this town down to its knees.

I then decided to go get a bourbon. One thing I sorta forgot is that. I was turned into a vampire by the one and only Katherine Pierce.

I walked in and strode over to the bar.

"Two shots of bourbon please?" I decided to go with the sweet and innocent.

"Christy?" OMG it's MATTY!

"Mattster?" I asked.

"Never call me that again!" he ordered me.

"Ok Matty" I said slowly.

"That's what I thought."

Since when was Matt sarcastic? What has happened to my FRIEND!

"Since when are you sarcastic? What happened to the innocent person I used to know?"

"He grew up."

"How do you know that he was a boy? They could have been a girl?" I asked.

"I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that."

"Whatever, anyway what's been happening in Mystic Hell?" I asked.

"Oh the usual, Elena moved on from me the day we started at hell." he said using our old nickname for high school.

"Onto who?"

"Stefan Salvatore," he told me.

"Shut the hell UP!"

I TOTALY remember Kitty Kat telling me about him! Her one true love.

"You know him?"

"I haven't met him but I've heard about him."

"What have you heard."

Wait, no, my little sister did NOT tell Matty about vampires! When I see her I'm gonna...

"Cristy, you ok?" he asked.

"She told you, didn't she?" I asked.

"How do you know about them?"

"I met up with Lena's doppelgänger. Very lovely vampire I have to say."

"You met up with KATHERINE?"

"Yeah, she tried to kill me, I put a stake threw her stomach, got to know each other, then next thing you know she's giving me her blood and asking if I wanna become a vampy."

"You said no, right?"

"Well not exactly."

"You said YES!"

"Please don't be mad at me Mattybear."


"Because I wanted to stay besties with her for life."

"Your best friend is KATHERINE PEIRCE?"

"Actually she's my great great great great grandmother." I told him.

I picked up my two shots and downed them before walking out. That sure was fun. That was my last thought when everything went dark. What the hell just happened?

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