Have You Forgotten Me Already?

After Edward left Bella in the woods Bella moved into her Uncle Damon and Stefan's house in Mystic Falls, Virginia.
When Edward comes back for Bella she formulates a plan to rid of the sparkles. Whilst she is fighting feelings for the enemy a new and more powerful enemy who is mentally insane, will she survive or will her instincts get the better of her?
Find out in "Have You Forgotten Me Already?"


5. Chapter 5

I'm having the GREATEST day ever! I'm gonna be getting my revenge. Insert evil laugh here. But the whole plan has a bad side, I have to pretend to forgive them.

You want to know the worst thing, I'm starting to have feelings for Klaus. I have a feeling it was inevitable. Then again, maybe it's a more rebound, but the insane part of me is telling me that I really have feelings for him. Honestly I hate that part of me.

Uncle Stefan told me that I should start keeping a DIARY! I told him to take a hike. But did he listen? Hell no! He only went a bought me a PINK DIARY! I told Damon and he kicked his dopplebitch loving butt! But Elena ,being the unicorn licker she is, went mental at Damon ,who is madly in love with her, love triangle or what? I should make a book about it, it could become a TV program, I would become rich! Then I will finally have enough money to buy the boarding house off Damon and Stefan, I will finally be able to have what belonged to me since birth! I will only invite Damon inside, maybe Klaus, and defo Rebekah! We have become REALLY close!

Today is the day when I am going to pretend to still be in love with Edward and that I have forgiven them for abandoning me. It is going to be really hard to pretend to still be in love with Edward, but crisp it I'm gonna kill him and is fambo. Watch out Cullen's, you can't trust anyone, especially the girl you certainly underestimated thinking she will forgive you like that. Insert evil laugh here.

Edward is going to be in most of my classes, that gives me time to show that I have completely forgiven them and that I want to be back in their family. Klausy boo did a bit of compelling to get it like that.

I will be having to pretend to be sweet and innocent, it's harder than it sounds. Mainly because I have become the female version of Damon. So basically I am AMAZING! Though, uncle Damon still has a bigger ego than me.

Me and Bekah are going out shopping to buy them HORRIBLE clothes I used to wear. (Insert shudder)

The only one I am actually looking forward in seeing is Jasper. I mean, he had to put up with all of their blood lust. Also, he helped me get away from the rest of them. I would never have met Rebekah, and Klausy, I would also never have gotten the chance to become awesome like Damily!

So all I have to wait for is when they come to school. Lets just say the sky's going to rain blood.

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