Have You Forgotten Me Already?

After Edward left Bella in the woods Bella moved into her Uncle Damon and Stefan's house in Mystic Falls, Virginia.
When Edward comes back for Bella she formulates a plan to rid of the sparkles. Whilst she is fighting feelings for the enemy a new and more powerful enemy who is mentally insane, will she survive or will her instincts get the better of her?
Find out in "Have You Forgotten Me Already?"


4. Chapter 4

It was AMAZING! I fell in love with it the second I fist laid eyes on it! I turned around to look at Klaus.

"Can I marry it?" I asked using my puppy dog eyes. MWAHHAHAHAHA!

"Sorry love it is married to another," he told me ,trying to keep in his chuckles, key word TRYING. He started laughing his ass off! I swear to god once I get out of this heart broken state I will find a way to kill him, then hunt him down and my favourite part, KILL HIM!

I turned to the house.

"Our love is forbidden, I shall never get to see you shine, yet I will never forget such beauty as you." I finished my speech with a few tears running down my cheeks.

"Lovely speech love, bravo!" Oh god help me I had to literally stop myself from pouncing!

"I don't like you anymore." I even put a little pout in! And you will NEVER guess what he did! HE SHRUGGED AND WALKED OFF! The cheek of some people! And I thought people from 1000 years ago were SUPPOSED to be NICE and POLITE!

I followed him in. Again I was stunned into silence. You don't know how hard it is to shut me up! Oh and don't forget he has not done this once nor twice but THREE times!

"Bekah! Guess who is in town!"

I'm guessing that's his 'evil' sister ,as uncle Damon puts it, is here.

"Oh, do you mean the sparkles are here? Then you're a little too late."

OH NO! Not sparkles and his gang of bunny eaters!

No no no! Please not the sparkles and THEM!

"Rebekah, what are you talking about? I was going to introduce you the the Salvatore's great great great Niece....?"

He doesn't know my name? After everything, he doesn't know my name? I can't believe it.

"Bella Swan."

"Well my lovely brother we have fixed a problem with this human."

Great, she just told me something I totally did not want to hear. It was The Cullens.

"What are you talking about my dear sister?"

Please don't say it out load please please please.

"They said they were the Cullen's and that all they want is a girl named Bella Swan.The guy with a constipated look on his face looked sorta, fustrated? You know why that is?" Obviously aiming it at me, I answered truthfully.

"Yes I do, he can't read your thoughts. Because the Sparkles are so weak they were given gifts. There are two there sparkles that have gifts, but vampires have an immunity to any powers."

"And why do they want you?" Both of them said in sink.

"I used to date the one with way to much hair gell. Then the sparkly fairy unicorn dumped me and left me in the middle of the forest." I explained, "He tried to commit suicide when Alice had a premonition of me cliff diving. Alice tried to convince me to go and save him but I declined."

"And they want you back? I'm guessing that isn't going to happen?" Rebekah asked.

"And we have a winner!"

"I guess we are just going to have to kill them."

"Yesssss, you are officially my favourite hybrid!"

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