Have You Forgotten Me Already?

After Edward left Bella in the woods Bella moved into her Uncle Damon and Stefan's house in Mystic Falls, Virginia.
When Edward comes back for Bella she formulates a plan to rid of the sparkles. Whilst she is fighting feelings for the enemy a new and more powerful enemy who is mentally insane, will she survive or will her instincts get the better of her?
Find out in "Have You Forgotten Me Already?"


3. chapter 3

Oh god please spear me, I promise I will NEVER EVER make fun of ANYONE again, just let me live.

I heard foot steps coming closer and closer.

God I swear, 4 years ago, when I burnt off Jessica's hair, it was all just an accident. But it was pretty funny watching her scream her hairless head off. Still funny to this day. BELL STOP RAMBLING TO YOURSELF! WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OT OF HERE! Right back to business.

As soon as it was near the car it stopped. God I knew you secretly loved me, just deep, deep, deep down.

After 5 seconds it vamp sped off to god knows where. literally 1 second later I saw the one and only..... Klaus. I never thought I would say this after everything he has done to Stefanie and Damily. But I thanked the fudging unicorn licking god that he was here.

"Hello love got yourself a little stuck there?"

Agghhhh he just has to be like Damily doesn't he?!

"No actually I am perfectly fine, so you can just goo no need to stay here."

"Really well I will just love to watch you get out of this situation, love." wow is it just me or is his accent really cute, and I am sure he has dimples!

"Oh unicorn licking, fudge eating gods help me get out of this situation and away from the brain damaged, hybrid mutt apha. I promise never ever to make fun of dam dam, I can't promise about Stefanie though it's just too hard not to. Thank you."

I can't believe I called him that... again.

"Now you have done, I will ever so kindly get you out, like the gentleman I am."

"Hahahahaha, did... you... just....call yourself... a gentleman?" I asked between laughs.

"Do you want me to help you or not?"

I am now sat with mr 'I am stronger than anyone because I am an alpha vampire mutt king'. So I'm guessing, unless you are REALLY stupid, you already figured out the answer I gave alpha mutt over here.

Aunty Damily is going to kill me if he/she finds out I left with his most feared enemies ever. (if your wondering why I put he/she and Aunty instead of uncle. Well the reason is, I'm not really sure if he's a man or a woman, with the way he acts sometimes, you can never be sure, and once I found him wearing drag. I obviously took a pic.)

So like I said, I was sat with Mr Mutt sorta against my will.

"Are you gonna stop glaring at me, or are you going to just act like a chil?"

"I'm gonna keep acting like a child for two reasons, number one every one is basically a baby compared to a thousand year old vampire, number two I am a child, well until I'm 18, and that's in 4 months, so ha!"

"Really? I was 22 when I was turned, so either way, you are a child to me."

"Wow wow wow, no need to get all ageist on me."

I came up with a new word! And it is totally better than Dam Dams one!

Wait, Dam Dam was in the car with me, and when I woke up I was alone, THAT SON OF A BEEEEP! He abandoned me! When I see him again I will personally put a stake through his heart. Ok so maybe I won't exactly be that harsh, but still!

I must have gotten lost in formulating evil plans to get pay back on Damon, because we stopped and when I looked up I was amazed! Even more amazed when I found out about Sparkling Fairies. I saw...

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