1. The End of Fable

Haven't you ever wanted to create your own world? Everything the way you wanted it to be with just a simple thought. What if I told you it could be possible. Only if you were an Ink of course. Inks are beings that have the ability to create an imaginary world, but only for themselves. They also have the power to "pause" the world and leave whenever they please. Then once they return to the world, they come back to it the same as they left it. Whenever an Ink creates a world, it gets written down in their book. Now, all Inks have a special book of their very own. The book is part of them. So when an Ink is separated from their book, they don't have the ability to enter their worlds. That's why they disguise the book to keep it close to them. Like turning the book into a necklace, bracelet, or charm. What's cool about the book is that, an Ink can go into it. Once they go into the book they appear in a room. The room is based off of the Ink that be holds it so all rooms are never the same. In the room is where all the Inks stories are kept. They float in bubbles that have images of the worlds creation. In the center of the room is the identical book of the Ink's. There, and same with the other book, has all the finished/unfinished stories(worlds). So one can never forget. So now that you know a little about what Inks do, how about I tell you their history?

Two brothers loved the same passion, writing. Sometimes they would combine their stories into something great. Both Teague and Fable wanted their stories to come true. They wanted this dearly-more than anything. So one day, Fable met this woman at the market. It's an ordinary lady selling ordinary things. He found what she was selling interesting, quills. So he asked about all of them just to make sure to prove that he was interested. So she did. The lady talked about each one and how each one has it's own story. He was about to pick one he fancied but she stopped him. She told him that she had a unique quill-two in fact and they were both the same. She told him that these quills will do wonders to his and his brothers stories. He took the ofer without a second thought. He left thinking about the odd lady. "Will do wonders to yours and your brothers stories." He kept replaying her words in his mind. He stopped walking. How did she know that he had a brother? And, how did she know they both loved to write? He turned around back to the booth but... It was gone. So many thoughts have crossed his mind as he walked home. As he began to tell Teague about the mysterious woman he met today, he showed him the golden quills. Teague picked one up and studied it slowly. He smirked and told Fable they should try them out. They walked over to their writing desk and got out an empty journal. They both took turns writing in the book. After 5min, nothing happened. Fable got upset and started to think he got ripped off. Then just in a blink, they popped into another room. It was round with light faded blue walls and dark blue flooring. Amazed, they looked around and saw the same book that they were once writing in, was in the middle of the room. Fable looked at Teague, hold the identical book. Out of the corner of Fables eye, he saw a bubble off to the side of the room. He nudged Teague and told him to look. Teague walked over and touched it. He quickly got sucked into the bubble leaving Fable shocked. He ran to the bubble and followed his brother. They had entered into a world in which they created. Both were in awe, until they thought about leaving. How were they going to get out? fable panicked. Yelling at himself and saying he was a fool for starting all of this. Teague tried to calm him down but it didn't help. Then BOOM! A flash of light shot out in front of them. The odd lady appeared. But she didn't look the same but somehow Fable knew that it was her. She told them that this was their destiny-to make a world full of people with the same ability.

Fable and Teague asked a lot of questions about the quills, book, the room, and the world that they had made and how to get out... She answered all of them. Before they were ready to leave, she gave Teague another book to own himself. They soon came back to their original world.

Years have past, Teague and Fable have made there own world with the help of the woman. The population has grown to over a billion. And soon everything and everyone was... Happy. The brothers were happy. Everything had finally settled. Fable had grown feelings for the lady. But she told him that she couldn't stay. She wasn't human... She belonged somewhere else. Fable didn't care, he wanted to be with her forever. Teague understood his brothers feelings and insisted that he should go with her. And he did. Teague was left in this world, as ruler.

Teague hasn't seen Fable for two years and he was sure he wasn't coming back. So, he wanted to do some changes. He made a portal so that the people here can go into the human world. But they can only teleport back using their book. Then he thought, these people are different from humans... He wanted to give them a name. Ink. Why not? It was perfect! Now he had to name his world. Tale.

Now you know how it came to be. But there is still a riddle that's not solved. What happened to Fable? Teague soon got worried that he would never see him ever again... But then... He noticed that fable left his book here. He opened it up and saw that... There first story(when they first wrote in the journal) was missing. Teague flipped the pages. He must have gone mad! He came across a page and stopped. It only had four words on it. The end of Fable. His heart sank. What has she done to him? Where has she taken him?

Teague went to Dr. Know, a man who owns a small fortune shop in one of the small towns, and asked him about the lady. Dr. Know told him that she was a fate witch, good and bad. Good because she has the power to grant your true desires. Bad because... There's a catch. Fate witches usually go to two people who have the same dream. Mostly they "prey" on male humans. Once the fate witches have lured the men into falling in love with them, they take them away.

Teague didn't know what to think when Dr. Know said all these things. The only thing that went through his mind was, how am I going to get him back?

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