Scars that run too deep

A man in a coma has to battle with death to get his life back- and I mean BATTLE.


4. Something`s up with Mr Davison

Two doctors arrived to see Lenny in the hospital the next morning, to try to get him to wake up.

"You do realize that the longer he stays in this ward, the more worried we get about him." One of them said.

From Lenny`s dream inside his head, he heard them talking and he tried with all his might to talk through his own mouth. But no words came out. He was wandering by the side of a gleaming lake alone, and it was still night time. He thought to himself that if Death ruled this land, then it could never be daytime. At least, not with sunshine anyway. The Doctors back at the hospital started mumbling, so Lenny could no longer hear what they were saying.

"He shakes sometimes, he does. Something isn`t right about him."

"I think something`s up with Mr Davison."

These words, "up with Mr Davison" made Lenny shudder. He wondered whether he would make it out of this dreadful nightmare or not. And would he be missed? Would he have people attend his funeral and pay tribute to him or would they dump his corpse on the mountain on which he left Maldock?  Somebody was worried about him, that`s all he knew. And then Death approached...

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