Scars that run too deep

A man in a coma has to battle with death to get his life back- and I mean BATTLE.


3. Land Of The Lost Ones

They had arrived at a colossal mountain which was littered with bodies, all drenched in blood and rotting away.

"Why did you take me here exactly?" Lenny asked Maldock.

He replied, "So I can show you what this beast does to the others."


"There is something coming, Lenny. Something that must be stopped."

Lenny thought for a minute about what this beast could be. He imagined a gigantic devil with an army of Demons, circling him and burning him with their blazing torches. He imagined himself on the ground, as pale as a ghost, watching his shirt turn a dark scarlet.

"Then I shall run. But first, I ask of you to tell me what this beast is."

"It is death, Lenny," Maldock replied so quietly it was almost a whisper. "Death that is greater and more powerful than any other."

Lenny`s heart was beating so quickly he could hear it himself. "Where do I find it?"

Maldock sounded dramatic and quiet again and simply said, "Everywhere."

This was enough for Lenny. "I need to get out of this sick, twisted coma!" And he ran. He ran as quickly as the river flows, down the mountain, across the stream until he realized that he was now completely and utterly lost. He listened out for Maldock to return to him, for he knew that he was safe if he was there with him. But Maldock did not arrive. And Lenny knew that Death was watching him. Watching his every move.

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