Scars that run too deep

A man in a coma has to battle with death to get his life back- and I mean BATTLE.


1. Accidental

Lenny Davison was late for work again. He spilled his coffee whilst getting trapped in a revolving door, his computer shut down and to top it all up, he dropped his wallet down a gutter in the street. Feeling depressed that evening, as he was driving home, Lenny spotted a bright light on the road. He shook it away from his mind and carried on. But this light was getting closer and closer, and before he knew it, this blinding torch shone in his face. He heard his car skid on the road, himself screaming, the windscreen shattering into numerous pieces... Then everything went black.


"Okay. I`m thinking now. So I`m alive. I`ll open my eyes and I`ll be okay." But Lenny couldn`t. He was on a hospital bed in a hospital, right in the middle of a big city. He could hear the sound of a door squeaking and two gentlemen talking. Talking about HIM. He felt afraid. Afraid of what might happen to him if he didn`t make it. He might just stay dead like a great vegetable, sitting there. Nothing else.

And slowly, but surely, Lenny Davison began to fall into his deep sleep...

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