All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


1. Prolouge

She was running and running but it didnt matter because in the end he was gonna catch her it was just a matter of time.

"pleeaassee leave me alone" she cried out. "Ohhh, but baby dont you understand how. much I need you" he said and nuzzle his head in her neck to breathe in her scent. "How much Icare for you" he start kissing her on the neck. "how much I love you. Dont you get it my love" he said and looked at her tearfull eyes, that were bloodshot from all the crying. "pleeaase" she whimpered. "but baby your mine and its time for you to know that" he said.

he had been looking for her all his life and he have been waiting for this all his life.

he looked her deply into her eyes and told her to forget about him and all that happend that night because he didnt want her to remember him as a scary monster oracreepybastardorwhateverbadshewasthinkingabouthim.

he wanted her to think of him as the love of her life, a guy that she could trust, and love.

he watched her run out of the dark forrest while he smirked to him self

"Dont worry my love you will be mine soon"… ..

This isent the first chapter of course.

Hope you will enjoy it. ❤❤

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