All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


5. ♕Chapter 4♕

Eleanors pov.

I woke up next morning, and I thought about what happend yesterday.

'why the fuck did I say yes 2 to go home with him'

because you like him, and think he is gorgeous


it was like when I looked him in the eyes I couldnt find it in me 2 say no to him. it was like he had some sort of power on me.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt him stir under me. wait under me.. Fucking crap I have been cuddle up 2 him all night. Just great…

"Morning babygirl" Jesus lord. His voice was like pure sex. "it's still Eleanor" I said, in a mumble. "I know that" he chuckled.

"then why you always calling me baby girl or sweetheart, and all those others names" I asked, and got up so I could look at him.

"Cuz I like it" he said, and smirked at me. "Bu-" I tried saying, but then I looked into his eyes, and I couldn't find it in me 2 reject him.

"im gonna call you baby girl and all other names if I want 2" he said, dead serious, but smiled at me after. "Okay" I said. OMG, why did I agree.

because you like him.

shut up, no I don't.

yes you doooo

No I doonntt

Yes you do, so shut up..

OMG, he may be a total hottie, but I don't like him in that way. Okay maybe a tiny tiny tiny crush.  But who can blame me, he is drop dead gorgeous.

"What you thinking about" he asked. And snapped me out of my thoughts. "Nothing" I said, and got up, so I could get dressed.

"I'm gonna go down stairs and make some breakfast" he said, and got up, and went over 2 me and nuzzled his head in my neck, and inhaled deply. wtf is a dog or something.

I stepped away from him, and saw hurt and anger in his is eyes. I kissed his cheek, and saw that anger and hurt were fading away in his eyes. He went out, and downstairs.

I went over 2 my bag, too find an outfit. I choose some leggins and because soo many shirts with me, I looked in Justins walkin closet, 2 find a shirt, I found a sweatshirt that was gray and said 'doing real stuff sucks' it was pretty cool, so choose that one.

It was pretty big on me, but I like that in a shirt. I brushed my hair, that went 2 just above my butt. I took some mascara on, and went downstairs.

I heard voices in the kitchen, which probably ment, that the other guys were awake. I went into the kitchen and I saw I was right. "Heeyy baby girl" Justin said and went over and kissed my cheek. "Hey. and. goodmorning guys" I said. They mumbled something and continued eating.

"I made you breakfast" justin said. And pointed at the plate next 2 his. "Thank you" I said and kissed his cheek, I don't why I did it, I just felt like I had 2.

I went over 2 my seat and start eating the food he made, which was really good. after the breakfast, the guys went in the living room. "Justin" I asked. "Yeah" he said and turned around. " I gotta go today" I said, and looked down, bc we all know what will happend if I look up.

"Baby look up" he said, but I revused. "Baby pleeaase" he pleaded, and then I looked up and met the gorgeous hazel eyes that was placed in his flawless face.

He put his hands on each side of my face. "Please stay longer" he said. I stood up and laid my hands on his chest. he moved his hands 2 my wait and began 2 lean in. his lips was not even a cm away from mine and I could feel his minty breate.

"Please stay" he said again. "okay" I said. he was just about 2 kiss me, when I pulled away. I was not prepared for this. "Whats wrong" he asked. "I havent kissed a guy before" I said, and looked down blushing.

"Awww" he said, chuckling. I just blushed even more. I turned my face, so he couldnt see me blushing. He turned my face, and layed his soft silky lips on mine.

At first i was chocked, but it felt so good, so i started kissing along, and placed my hands behind his neck. His tounge asked for entrance, I opened my mouth for him and his tongue stared exploring my mouth, which felt really good. I pulled away before it could any further. he smirked, knowingly, down at me. "Not 2 bad for a first" he said and pulled my closer. I didn't answer. the only thing that crossed my mind, was.

That this was indeed my first kiss……


Sorry if its too short❤❤ 

Love from me. -Jennifer H.

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