All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


3. ♕chapter 2♕


"You stupid bitch" my dad, no scratch that, Tom yelled at me. I wouldn't call him my dad anymore after all he went me through. it was just a night as all the others. I get beaten up and called all kinds of names. To say I was scared of him would be an understatement, I was terifide.

Trust me I wanted to leave but I didn't really planned on when or how for that matters. I got pulled out ny thoughts when he pulled me by hair over the floor.

"Didnt I fucking tell you to clean this house. And DO NEVER EVER TALK BACK TO ME, DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU LITTLE PIECE OF WORTHLESS SHIT" He yelled at me. I was kinda stupid and talk back at him.

"I'm leaving now and when I get back this place better be spotless. Im bringing some friends over, and u know what that means if u haven't done what I said" he said and gave me a smirk and then went out the door.

'this is my chance' I thought. I got up, which was pretty hard. I know that most would cut in this situation, but I'm not gonna give him that. im not gonna sound weak. sure the words he said hurted me, but I tried my best to let it go past me and just wait until it was over.

im a virgin, never kissed a boy or had a boyfriend. hell I dont even go to school.

My name is Eleanor santiago. it was my mom's lastname, she died in a car chrash, Tom was driving and he went over a redlight and a car drove into my mom side. She died on the spot, but tom lived.

im 17 years old and live a little outside new york.

I have long blond hair, it reach to just above my butt, and blue eyes.

I went upstairs real slow, but also fast. I got up and start packing the importen things. I also changed my clothes, to some leggins in black and an oversize sweatshirt wich was white and said 'cool story bro' and the text was in toy story theam.

I took the bag I packed, and my iphone 5s in silver. Okay it may sound like I have it all, except a good father, but I also self paid for it.

I went downstairs, and went to the livingroom to find the place he hides his money. I found them a short ti. e after and I have also called a cab. which was outside now. I took my things and hurried outside in the cab.

"Where to" the cabdriver asked.

"Do you know any good but small parks" I asked, my voice hoarse as ever.

"I know where to drive you" he said. he was a kind old man.

An hour late we where here. "That will be 20 bucks. Ahh you know what this was free" he said. "thank you sooo much" I said. "No problem. have a nice day or evening" and the he drove of.

I walked around for a little, and all of the sutton I hear someone ir something growl, or make some kind of noise.

I turned around to see the most gorgeous boy I ever seen staring at me. I don't how, but I got the curage to go over and ask him about it.

"Excuse me. but do you know where that sound came from" I asked, in a kind tone.

"No sorry sweetheart" he rasped. OMG his voice. "Ohh, do you know any place I could sleep. like a motel or something" I asked again, and smiled a bit to him. "You can sleep at my place uf you want" he said and looked ne in the eyes. holy fuck, thoose eyes.. "Are you sure" I asked, and bite my lip. A bad habit of mine, when ever im nervous. I saw him gulped before answering "Of course, I dont want any creepy bastard to touch you" he said. I laughed a little "you dont know me" I said. "Trust me I do, cone let's go to my place" he said, and got up and took my hand. I could feel the spark go through me, and that's when it hit me, 'why the fuck did I say yes, I do. t even know him, he could be a rapist or something'

"Im not a rapist baby girl" he chuckled. Good it wasent daylight so he could see my burning face. "Ohh" I just mumbled. "its Eleanor" I said after. "Come again" he said. "my name is eleanor" I said a bit louder. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he said and winked at me. "im justin"

he sat me in the car, and car himself in it.

"seo where you from sweerheaet" he asked. not with the names again. "Just outside new york" I told him.

"cool. why you here then" and there came the question that I was hoping he wouldnt ask. "ehrr i-i-i kinda ran away from home" I said in a small voice. "ohhh. im sorry, why did you ran away" he asked.

Curious bastard.

"Tom he abused me" I said, in hope he wouldn't here it. "where's your parents"."Tom is my dad and my mom died in a car crash" I answered. "Im sorry to hear that baby girl" he said, and he sounded like he really ment it. "Its okay. its not like its your fault" i said, And giggle a bit.

"Naa i know, but still. we are here btw" he said and turned of the engine and went out.

He came 2 my side, so he could open my door. he walked up to the house and i just followed him from behind. "you comming" he said, and i saw that he had opened the front door and was waiting for me. i went in and took my shoes off.

"Idk id my romies are up but i have 2" he said and took his own shoes off. I took my bag and followed him. I could hear boys yelling and a tv that was on.

"Boys" justin yelled and the 2 boys looked at us or more like me. "This is Eleanor and she is gonna stay here a couple of days" he said. One of them got up and introduced himself.

"Hello there, my name is Khalil" he said with a smirk and took my hand to shake it. "eleanor" I said in a quiet voice. "im jason" the guy from the couch said. khalil still held my hand.

"Enough" justin growl and took my hips into his from behind in a protective way. he was sending daggers at khalil who just went smirking to the couch.

"Sweetheart go up stairs, first door on your right, I'll be there in a sec" he said and kissed my cheek. "okay" I said blushing.

I went upstairs, and went inside the room he told me. I jumped in the bed, and took my phone out. tom had texted me atleast a billion time saying I'm dead and I should neve had done that, and he called just as much.

Wonder how long im gonna stay here..

Hope you like it and its not 2 much drama ❤❤

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