All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


18. ♕Chapter 17♕

~~Justins POV

I woke up next morning, with my arm drapped tightly around Eleanors waist. I nuzzled my nose in her neck, breathing in her scent. I heard her mumbling something in her sleep, making me smile at how cute she was. I start running my hand up and down her bare tummy. Last nights event start running through my head. I smirked to myself thinking about how much she could scream. I felt her begib to stir in her sleep, and soon she turned around and open her eyes. "Morning baby" I said, leaning down, kissing her lips. "Morning Jay" She said, with her morning voice. "Mmm, did you enjoy last night kitten" I purred in her ear, making her shudder. "Y-Yea" She stuttered, making me smile at the affection i have on her. "Im glad baby" I rasped.

"Jaayyy. We have to get up" She whinned, making me chuckle. "Fiinnee. But give me a kiss" I said, looking her in the eyes. She smiled and leaned up putting her lips on mine. I moved my lips slowly against hers, while her hands snaked around my neck pulling me closer. I pulled away a bit and pecked her lips a couple of last times. She pecked mine one last time aswell and then grabbed the duvet and got up, since she was half naked.  I slapped her butt, making her rub her now sore butt. She turned her face pouting at me.

She went into our Walk-in-closet, probably to find todays outfit. I got up and change the bedsheets and the covers. "Baby im taking a shower. Wanna join me" I asked her, as i went into the closet. I saw her bitting her lip thinking. "Please princess" I asked, pouting. "Okay" She said, blushing and the taking some underwear. I went over to her grabbing her waist that still was covered with the blanket. "Thanks baby" I said, pecking her neck slightly. We went out to the bathroom and i turned on the shower, and turned around to see Eleanors naked body. I felt my dick twitch, but tried thinking of other things. I didnt wanted to freak her out.

She went into the shower and i still stood there in my boxers. "You comming or what" I heard her vouce say, making me smirk at her smarty remark. I chuckled and pulled down my boxers and went into the shower. I snaked my hands around her tummy and carresed it a bit.  She turned around and looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes.

She handed me her shampoo and turned around, indicating for me to rub it in her hair. I took som out in my hand and start massaging it in her hair and scalp. I heard her moaning in bliss while my fingers was working magic. I got done with her hair and since my hands still where soaped i start going down to her shoulders massaging them slightly. After i went down to her boobs and squezed and massaging them slightly.

"Mm Justin" I heard her purr out, leaning against me. I grabbed some more soap and took it in my hands and soaped her more in. I grabbed some of my own shampoo and soaped in my own hair whike she turned around and just looked up at me, making me smile down at her. I got done with the soap and then i went in under the water. I rinsed the soap out of my hair and then stepped away from the water, so El could go in which she did.

"Baby" I heard her say, as she the soap came out of her hair. "Yea" I said, smiling at her and trying my hardest not to look down at her naked body. "If you donw you can go out, i have to shave my legs anyways" She said. "Okay babe" i said, and leant down pecking her lips pulling her closer by groping her ass. She moaned and moved closer. "Justin" She said, pulling away. "Yea" I said, pecking her lips one last time. "I love you" She said. "I love you too baby" I said. "Im just gonna stay out in the room, okay" I said, as i went out of the shower and grabbed a towel. "Okay" She said.

I dried my hair and then wrapped the towel around my waist and the going out. I went inside our closet and pulled out some boxers and then found an outfit. I put the clothes i found on and went inside our room. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs so i could get started on breakfast.

I went into our kitchen and saw the guys sitting having some cereal. "Morning guys" I said, placing my phone on the table. "Morning" They said. "Is El still sleeping" Khalil asked. "Na shes in the shower, i just got done before her" I said, shrugging, taking some pancakemix and then some milk from the fridge. "Damn you showered together" Jason said, chuckling. "Yea" I said, smirking.

I grabbed a pan and turned on the stove. I put some of the batter on the pan and turned arounf looking at the guys. "But it was completely innocent guys" I said, smiling. "Yea yea" Khalil said, laughing slightly. I turned around and flipped the pancake over, grabbing a plate from one of our drawers. "You guys havent had sex yet have you" Jason asked, going over to the sink putting his bowl in it. "Not yet" I said, sighning. "But you want too right?" Khalil siad, smirking slighltly. "Of course" I said, with a little blush over my cheeks, making the guts laugh slightly.

I turned around and took the pancakr pf the pan and put some more of the bater ln to make a new one. "Morning boys" I heard Eleanors voice say. "Morning El" they said. I turned around and looked at my gorgeous girl infront of me. "Hey baby, you look gorgeous" I said, looking down at her tan legs, bitting my lip. She was wearing some tight dark washed shorts and a cream white sweater, that was see through. "Thank you jay" She said, going over to me, putting her arms aound my neck. I leaned down pecking her lips slightly. "Im making you pancakes princess" I said, smiling whole hearted to her. "Lovely" She said, smiling and then going over taking a seat. I turned around flipping the pancake around.

"So what should we do today" I asked. "Well i was thinking we could go to the city today" Eleanor said, smiling. "Sure we can do that" I answered. "You want 2 or 1 pancake baby" I asked. "2 please" She said, getting up, grabbing the nutella from yhe cabin. I nodded and took the last pancake of and then started to make my own. "Do we have any straeberries" She asked, grabbing a work and a knife. "We have bananas and strawberries in the fridge" I said, grabbing another plate. "Thanks" she said, going over to the fridge taking the fruit.

She put some nutella on her pancakes and then cutted the strawberries and the banana, and then putting them on. She start eating while i just got done with my first one. I put some more on waiting for it to get done. "You want some juice babe" I asked, turning around. "Yes please" She said, smiling. I grabbed 2 glassed putting multi juice in hers and apple juice in mine. "There you go" I said, handing her the juice. I placed min at the spot besides her, and then going over flipping the pancake over.

I grabbed a knife and a fork placing it by the juice. "Guys you wanna join us when we're going to the city" I asked,putting the last fo the batter and milk in the fridge. "I'll join you. Tanyas comming over soon too, so i think she wanna join us too" Khalil said. "Sounds good" El said, taking a sip of her juice. "Well im staying home" Jason said, laughing slightly. I laughed slightly and took of the last pancake and then sat down and start eating.


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