All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


17. ♕Chapter 16♕

~~(Contain sexual scene)

Eleanore's POV.

I walked downstairs after showering and changing into my Jumpsuit. I jumped into the couch besides Justin, making him look at me. "What are we having for dinner" I asked, putting my legs over his lap. "Hmm, i dont know. Whatever your making" He said, making me hit his scoulder. "I aint cooking today" I said. "Then who is, i cant cook neither can jason or Khalil" He said. "Ughhrr, what the hell did you guys live off before i came" I asked, looking at him. "Pizza, unless either fo our parents came, they would cok for us" He said, smiling. "Dear god" I said, leaning back. "Pizza it is then" I said.

Khalil and tanya was fine with the pizza so Justin ordered the pizza. "Okay so which movie" I asked, looking at them. "How about paranormal activivty" Justin said, smirking. "Ha ha ha no, how about Dumb & dumber 2" I said, giggling. How i love Jim Carrey. "I wanna see that" Tanya said, raising her hand, making me laugh at her. Silly girl. "Fine" Justin grumbled. I heard the doorbell, and got up. "Here baby" Justin said, giving me the money for the pizza. I went out to the door and then open the door. "Well hello there" The pizza guy said, licking his lips. Eww. "Here, keep the change" I said, with a digust look. "How about i get your number" He sadi, bitting his lip. Again eww. "How about you dont" I said, and closed the door in his face.

"What took you so long baby" Justin asked, pecking my cheek. "The pizza guy, was just a creep and asked me for my number" I said, shrugging. Justin growled and was about to run out the door, probably to kill him. Oh my protective baby. "Babe cmon, it nothing" I said, pulling him towards me, making him snake his hand around my waist, pulling me hard into his chest, and then nuzzle his nose in my neck.

I pulled away from him and then sat down on the couch, where Justin joined me. I took apiece of my favorite pizza, which was hawaiien. I made myself comfterble and starrted the movie since i had the remote. I finished my slice, and then took another one. "babe, could you get us something to drink" I asked Justin, he nodded and got up from his seat. I looked up at the tv, and start laughing cuz it was soo funny. Justin came in with a cola for me, and somethign else for Khalil and tanya and himself.

The movie was over, and all the pizza was gone. "I feell llike im gonna blow up any second" Khalil said, making me laugh. "How could you guys stay fit if you only lived on pizza and junk" I asked. "Gym baby, gym" Justin said, pecking my cheek. "Lol, okay" I said. "ANyways, we're gonna go to bed now, soo night guys" Justin said, pulling me up from the couch. Why now?

"Justin" I asked, when we got into our room. "Yes baby" He said, in his raspy voice, that came out when he was horny, or was trying to tease me. "W-Why we going to bed, now" I asked, while he took his arms around my waist. He didnt answer tho, he just started kissing up and down my kneck before finding my sweetspot and then start sucking and nibblinb a tit. I moaned out. I pulled his head out of my neck, and looked him in the eyes that was dark with lust.

I leaned in and kissed him, hich he responded to fast, and start kissing alond. He start backing me and soon we ended in the bed with him on top of me. He start zipping my jumpsuit down, making me stop him. "Dont worry baby, we're not gonna have sex, i know your not ready yet. Im just gonna make you feel good" He said, making me nod and let go of his hand, as he zpped it all the way down. I sat up and then pulled it of my upper body. "Jesus your beautiful" He said, grabbing one of my boobs, squezzing it, i acrhed my back, so he could take it off, which he did.

He start sucking on one of my nipples, fiddling eiht the other one with his warm hand. He switched boob, giving the other one same attention as the other one.I was a whippering and moaning mess at this time, and i knew there was more comming. He start kissing down my body, making me run my hand through his hair. He pulled down the rest of my jumpsuit, and then he pulled my panties down. H elooked at my pussy that now was dripping wet, from what he did to me before.

"Im gonna make you feel so good baby" He said,, going up kissing me. While we kissed i fels his hand start rubbing my clit,, making me moan ino the kiss. He added presure and startgoing faster, making me more wet, if that was possible. He moved his lips down to my neck, and start kissing me there. He stopped rubbing me making me whimper, but then he put his finger in me, making me moan outloud. "Justin" I moaned. "I know baby" He said, continuing pleasuring my neck.

He added a finger making me whimper outloud. "Baby, you gotta be queit" Justin said, smirking up at me. He added another finger going faster and harder. I whimpered and moaned like crazy. "Justin i think i-" I kno baby, cum for me" He siad, and with that i came all over his hand. He took his han dup to his mouth, and start æicking them clean. "Soo good" He said, aking me blush.

He went dwn on me again, and then i felt his tounge on my clit, making em moan loud. He start cleaning me up and when i thought he was done, both because i was so sensitive, and i dont think i can handle another orgasme, he plucked his tounge in me, making me scream out. He start going faster,a dn deeper, leaving me a whimpering and moaning mess. I felt another orgasme rippled through me, making Justin clean me up.

He came up to me, and I thought he was finished he plusked 2 finger into me again, going at fast paze, making me moan. "Justin i cant" I said, makng him smirk. "Cmon baby, cum for daddy again, you can do it" He said, kissing me. He went faster and i came, but i looke ddown and saw that Justin had made me squirt. My legs was shaking as i closed them. "Good girl baby" He siad, pecking my cheek, before i let the dakr comsume me.

Yeeaaa, soo here is next chapter <3

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