All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


16. ♕Chapter 15 ♕

Justins POV. 

"So guys what are we doin today" Eleanore asked, making us all look up at her. "I donnu, what do you wanna do babygirl" I asked, making her look over at me. "Maybe just tan, and swim around in the pool" She said, shrugging eating the last of her breakfast. "Sounds good to me" I said, smiling. Her in a bikini, how can i resist??

"You just wanna see me in a bikni jay" She sassed, making me blush a bit. "yea, so" I said, looking down. "nothing, Im gonna go change" she said, and walked upstairs.

"Bro, your sp whipped" Khalil said, chuckling, making me groan. "Shut up man" I said, blushing slightly. I got up from my seat and went upstairs, so i could change. I open the door to me and Els room, and i saw her standing there at our mirror looking hot as hell.

I went over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, giving her neck a quick peck. "You look hot babygirl" i said looking at her lovingly at her through the mirror. "Thanks babe" she said, blushing a bit, i chuckled a bit and then let her go and making my way to our closet.

I found my swimming trunks, and then i took of my pants and my shirt. I bent over to take my trunks, but i got slapped in the ass in the process, i looked up to see eleanore's ass moving side to side, more than nececary. I growled at her playfully, making her squeal and run off. I took on my trunks, and ran after her.

I ran downstairs and saw her hidding behind khalil. "Come here" i said, running after her, she giggled and ran off outside. I ran after her and caught her by the waist, she squaled. "Gotca" i whispered in her ear, making her shudder.

"You thought i wouldnt catch you" i said, pecking up n down her neck. "N-No" she stuttered, making me chuckle. "Eow, if you gonna have sex atleast do it where we cant see it" i heard khalil yell. I turned around winking at him, making him laugh at me. I went over at the pool and jump in. I got up on the surface and saw eleanore walking to one of the chairs.

Eleanors POV.

I walked over to one of the chairs, and i could feel eyes on me, which i knew was justin. I smirked at myself i looked pretty good in this bikini, and it was making me look tanner than i actully was. I layed down and put on my raybans, that Justin had bought me. I heard a girls voice making me smile, cuz it was probably tanya.

"Eeelll" i heard her vouce yell, making me look over at a jumping tanya. I ran over to her. She catch me and swung me around. I squealed and hugged her tighter. "Girls its not years ago you sae eachother so chill" Jason said, tanya put me down and i turned around sticking out my tounge at hiup.

Me and tanya went over to the chairs putting on our shades and start tanning. I could hear the boys splashing around in the water. "So how are you and justin doing" i heard tanya ask. I sat up a bit and answered. "We're good, really good" i said, smiling. "Omg, you guyd had sex" she yelled out, making the boys snap their heads towards us.

I start blushing like crazy. The boys start laughing, and i could hear that Justin was laughing a bit aswell. "No" i mumbled fidling with my fingers, looking down.

A body start blocking the sun making me look up and Justin that had a grin on hid face. I got up so i was sitting indicating for him to sit behind me, he took my hint, and sat behind me. He put his hands around my waist, his hands resting on my tummy, while he was mesing with my bellyring.

"You really like my bellyring, huh" i said, looking up at him, he dmirked looking down at me. "Yea, i really love it baby" he said, stealing a kiss. I start puttin some more pashion in the kiss. He putted his tounge inside my mouth, and started playing with my toungee.

I pulled away giving him a quick peck, and then i made my self comfterble. I looked over at tanya, who had khalil laying between her legs. I looked over at jason who had his phone up. I looked up at Justin again, smiling cuz he made me so happy. 

Sorry its been awhile❤  but here is the next chapter :))

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