All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


13. ♕Chapter 12♕


Eleanors pov.


I can't believe he's a vampire. And that they fricking excist.

We finished our dinner in an awkward silent.

"Should we order some dessert or, do you just wanna go home" I heard justin ask me.

"Just home please" I said, looking down at my lap.

"Okay" he said, and I heard him mumbled something but I couldnt hear it.

Standing up from my seat, I grabbed ny coat, and start walking outside. Justin was walking behind me, with a decent amount of space between.

I wasent angry at him, I just needed too think things through. As I said before that I have always believed in the supernatural, was true, but I wasent expecting it 2 be real. I thought that it just was a felling or something. So he just caught me off guard.

"El" I heard justins voice say, I called my by name meaning he was serious, cuz he would always call me baby or babe.

"Yeah" I said, answering him. Right now I just wanted 2 go home, and relax or talk with Tanya about this.

"Are you mad at me" he asked in a low voice, almost sounded like he whimpered, which made my heart ache.

"No justins, I just need 2 clear my mind. I'm just a bit supprised" I said, to him, making a little smile come across his flawless face.

"Okay" he said. We went inside the car and drove of.



"We're here" I heard justins voice say. I unbuclked myself and stepped out of the car.

As soon as we got in and went upstairs so i could get this tight clothes off, and some realxing clothes on.

I went inside justins room, and went inside his walk-in-closet, too find some relaxing clothes. I found a pair of black spandex, and a sweatshirt that was waaayy too big for me, but i dont care, cuz they are like really comfy.

Making my way downstairs, i prayed to, that tanya was there, cuz i really need too talk to her about all of this, and if she knew and just all she knows.

I went out in the kitchen cuz i heard talking. i saw the boys and tanya sitting there, and i metally thanked god, that she was here.

"Tanya, can we talk. Alone" i aske, and looked down at my feets, since all eyes at the moment was on me, and i didnt really like that felling.

"Sure" she said adn gave me a smile which i returned. She gave khalil a kiss and went with me, i looked at Justin before we went out, and he looked vurnable, for som reason.

"Whats up girly" Tanya asked as soon we were in Justins (our) room. I looked at her, and start telling her about Justins and i's evening, and the vampire ting also.

"Soo, what should i do, or say" i said, when i was done telling her everything.

"I think you should stay with him no matter, cuz he needs you. Same as khalil and jason are vampires. I did the exact same thing as you, I freaked, but had a talk with khalil about it." She said, and sounds really understandable.

"Okay. Who did u talk with, when you found out" I asked.

"I had a friend, i had contact with. And since you only have me as a friend, you can only talk with me about it" She said, giving me a smile.
 "Okay. So what should u tell him" I asked her. Cuz honestly I was clueless.

"Just tell him that you wanna stay with him, and that you accept him as his mate. There will be a time where he'll bite you. Thats for other male vampires 2 see that your his. Khalil already bit me, he did it before we mated tho" she said.

"Sooo when will Justin bite me" I asked, with confusing washing over my face.

"Thats up 2 yourself. When ur ready. Cuz trust me, Justin is just waiting. If it was up 2 him, you would have already lost ur virginty 2 him" she said, laughing a bit.

"Really" I said, with wide eyes.

"Yeah. At the moment I think its taking everything in him not 2 bang u. That was what khalil told me" She said.

"Holy crap" I said, laughing. "Cmon lets go downstairs so i can get Justin" I said again, laughing slightly.

We went downstairs, and went into the kitchen. Tanya seated her self besides Khalil and gave him a kiss and the cheek.

"Justin can we talk" I asked, and looked down again. It has become a really bad habbit of mine.

"Of course" He rasped, looking up at me, with those eyes, that is making me soo fricking weak. Damn him and his gorgeous hazel brown eyes.

"Look Justin..."

Muhaha, I'm mean i know <33 ;))

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