All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


12. ♕Chapter 11♕


Justins pov.

Right now i think it took everything, not 2 take her home and fuck her sensless, and claming her.

"Jussy can we go inside" i hear her sweet voice say, while snapping me out of my thoughts, about fucking her senseless. Damn having her moanig under me, whil-

"Justin" she said again.

"Yeah, sorry baby" i say.

Taking her by the waist guiding her to the reasturant. I open the door, for her, and we got greeted by a male, behind a counter thing.

"Name" he said, and tried not 2 sound like one that was bored as fuck, and just wanted too go home.

"Justin bieber" i said, nuzzling my nose, in my gorgeous mates neck, and placed small kiss, here and there.

"Table for two, follow me please" he said while taking 2 menu.

We got to a table for 2, and he laid the menus on the table.

Me, as the gentleman I am, pulled her chair out and in for her.

"What a gentleman" she said, giggling at me. The thing she do to me. I seated myself in my own chair, and open the menu.

"What do you want Love" I asked her, watching her cheeks turn red.

"Just the speghettie" she said, and closed her menu, looking up and smiling at me, making me go weak in my legs.

"Hi guys, I'm sarah, and I'll be your waiter tonight, what can I get you guys" Our waiter said/asked.

"2 speghettie please" I said, not looking at her, at all. Yea, might sound rude, but guess what, I dont give a fuck.

"Anything to drink" She asked, writing our food order down one her blok.

"I'll have a coke, what about you baby" I asked, her.

"Just an ice tea please" she answered, our waiter.

"Your orders will be here shortly" she said, and went away.

Shortly after our drinks came.The silent was pretty awkward.

"Soo, tell me about yourself baby" I said, making her, snap her head up.

"Ehr, what do you wanna know" she said, taking a sip of her ice tea.

"Everything" I answered.

"Okay. Well as you know tom is my father, and I left from my home. Ehr my mom she died, and Tom is blaiming me her death. My favorite color is blue, pink and purple, my favorite food is speghettie, and I have a pashion for sweatshirts, might sound weird, but I love them. And I don't know why, but I believe in the supernatural things, I think its cool, in a weird way. Now you tell me something about you" She said.

Should i tell her that im a vampire?

better now than never. Right?

"Right. Ehhr my mom and dads, names is Jeremy and pattie, i have 2 siblings named jazmin and jaxon. Favorite color is blue and purple, I also love speghettie. I like singing, but I don't do it as a pashion. And the next thing I tell you, you have 2 promise not to freak out, okay" I said, I could feel I was pretty darn nervous.

"Ehhrr okay" she said, and giggle nervously.

"Ehhhrr i-i-im a v-vampire" I said, in a low voice, looking up 2 see her facial expression.

"What? really?" she said, in disbelief.

"Yeah, and your my mate, thats why you feel like you can tell me things, and that your staying here" I said.

"ohhh" she said, and was about 2 respond, but our food came.

"Baby, are you okay" I asked. I could feel I was starting 2 get scared that she might leave me.

"I just need 2 digest this" she said, and start eating her food.

"Okay" I said, and accedently whimpered, cuz the thought of her not wanting me, or wanna leave me, made me misserable.

She snapped her head up, when she heard my whimper, but looked down again.

Well this have gone better.


Dam dam daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam ;)) Hope you guys are enjoying my little fiction with Jusssyy so far. Thanks fro the comments <33 


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