All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


11. ♕Chapter 10♕


Eleanors pov.


I was upstairs with Tanya, cuz she wanted 2 do my hair and make-up, for my date with Justin.

"OMG, I sooo envy ur hair, its soo long and pretty" Tanya said while, looking at me, making me blush, and giggle at her.

"Thanks. But have u looked urself in the mirror lately, cuz ur soo hotter than me, we're talking drop dead gorgeous here gurly" I said 2 her.

If ur wondering how I can be soo comfterble with her. its cuz she just makes me feel like that, and I kinda told her about tom, and she was soo understanding, and caring, and I only known her for a couple minutes, soo we kinda just clicked together.

"Aww, thx babe. But let just agree in we both r 'Drop dead gorgeous',cuz otherwise I think you have 2 cancel ur date with ur witle jusst downstairs" she said, and giggle.

"Your probably right" I said, in a very serious tone, but cracked up afterwards.

"Sooo, I think you should choose the white one" She said, and took the white dress out of Justins closet.

"Okay" I said, with a smile, cuz I probably self would have chosen that one.

"Now get ur sexy ass in there and change" she said giggling, while pointing at the bathroom.

I took the dress, walking into the bathroom, while laughing at her.
 I got in there, and stripped all my clothes of, since I took some underwear out here. I took the underwear and dress on, and looked myself in the mirror. I tried pulling the dress down, cuz its was really short, and I thought I couldn't pull it out, and then I started feelling self consecutive.

"Babe you okay in there" Tanya asked from the outside.

"Yeah, 2 sec" I said. I went over and went out, a bit nervous.

"OMG, u look soo sexy" She said, and looked at me.

"Really, I don't think I can pull it off" I said, and tried pulling it down again.

"Shut up, you look great, and if anyone can pull it off its you, okay" she said and smiled at me.

"Now sit over there, and let me do your hair and make up" she said, motion me 2 sit infront of the mirror.

"Imma start with ur make up" She said, and took some of her own up om the table.

"Just nothing 2 much" I said, making her nodd im respond.

20 min later she was done with my make up, and it look really beautiful, and it wasent 2 much either.

"Okay, I'm gonna curl ur hair, so sit still, can't have u get burnt" she said, and start curling my hair.

I took a look at the clock, 2 see how much time we have left. it said 5:25 pm, soo we didnt have that much time left, cuz me and Justin were going out around 6:30.

Exactly an hour later, she was done, and let me tell u it looked gorgeous.

I got up and looked at the floor length mirror. I looked pretty good.

"This dress makes ur butt look good" She said, smiling at me.

She was right about it. It looked pretty darn good.

"Babe" I heard, justins voice yell from downstairs.

"Shit shoes" tanya said. I went over 2 Justins closet, and took a pair of white low converse, making Tanya glare at me.

"What, u can't wear heels" I said, blushing deeply.

"I'll teach you" she said, winking at me. She open the door and we went downstairs.

We got there, and my hitched. Holy skittle!!

There just stood looking all sexy in a black suit, with his hair pushed back, in a new hair due.

"Fuck" I heard him say, and he shamelessly checked me out, no scratch that, he was eyerapping me.

He went over 2 me, when, when he was done, and had a confident smirk across his big pink blumb delicious lips.

"You look fucking Gorgeous baby" He said, and inhaled deeply my scent, and wrapping his hands around my waist.

Dafuq, is he a dog or something??

"You dont look 2 bad urself" I said, and I think it took everything in me not 2 giggle like a school girl.

"Thank you baby. cmon lets go" he said, smiling his million dollar smile.

He lead me/us, 2 his car, and open the door for me 2 get in, i smiled as a thank you, and he closed the door. He got into the drivers seat, and drove off.

"Where we going" i asked, looking at sexgodness besides me.

"Its a suprise babe" he said, while smirking at me. I groaned at him making him laugh.

"I hate suprises" i said, pouting at him, in hope that he would tell me.

"As adorable and sexy, you look right now, i aint telling you nothin baby" he said, blowing me a kiss afterwards, making me scoff.

An half hour later we were at a resturant, that looked really expensive.

"Hope you like italian baby" he said, winking at me.

"Its my favorite" i breathed out.

We went inside, while the only thing on my mind was Justin.

Date tiiiiimmmee :D Long-ish chapter :))


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