Unwritten Letters -N.H-

Jenny and Niall were dating before the X-Factor and then broke up. What happens after 4 years when Sage, Jenny's little sister, finds out about Niall? Will things change when Sage tries to help her sister get Niall back? Will Jenny and Niall fall in love with each other?


17. Wow

Niall was about to faint. She answered! She sent a message to him. It was Wednesday, and already he wanted to go there. He cheered, but at the same time, he wanted to be calm. 


"Send a message to me on Saturday. God, how happy I am that you responded. Can I call or should we wait until Saturday? I miss you and I want to meet you. Hug your Niall" 


He sent the message to her (Jenny's, very own) mobile phone. He had her number. He was shaking with excitement and he could see her in front of him. She felt so close yet so far away. She was a part of his mobile and her message was in there. He smiled wide and he felt his heart pounding.






Sorry for the short chapter, it will be more // Niallerxxx

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