Unwritten Letters -N.H-

Jenny and Niall were dating before the X-Factor and then broke up. What happens after 4 years when Sage, Jenny's little sister, finds out about Niall? Will things change when Sage tries to help her sister get Niall back? Will Jenny and Niall fall in love with each other?


19. Home

Niall felt his stomach tingled. He stepped out of the aircraft and walked over to Maura. He would sleep in his mothers house, and she was in great spirits. She didn't know why he came home, but he assumed she would later find out there. 
"Darling!" Maura exclaimed and hugged him tightly. "Welcome home!" 
I smiled and hugged her back. 
"Thank you!" 
He released her and they began to walk towards the car. 
"It's so good to see you again. Greg coming over tomorrow and then I'm wondering if we should go out to eat at your favorite restaurant?" 
Niall hesitated. He knew she had to hear the truth. 
"Mom,,," he murmured quietly. "I came home because of another reason." 
She seemed to flinch. Niall felt how his stomach tingling, heart pounding, and he blushed. He wasn't used to talk about girls with her ​​and it felt as if he would give her a very private information. 
"I'm meeting a person in the morning." he said and looked at her. "Further, I won't tell you now, but this is important to me."
She stopped and she looked at him. 
"Is it anything serious?" 
He just blushed more and he swallowed. 
"No, or yes ... or I don't know!" He swallowed. "It's a girl and I don't know if it's serious yet." 
She smiled a little bit. He realized that she would now be curious and he quickly caught up his courage. 
"Jenny, you know the girl who broke up with me." 
Maura remembered. 
"But what?" she exclaimed quickly. "Wasn't it she who..." 
Niall didn't want to hear her opinion. 
"We have written to each other for a while and it feels so right. She has changed and she has even admitted that she still has feelings for me." 
Maura seemed to understand that it didn't matter what she said. 
"Okay, but take it easy?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I just want to do this for myself. I want to meet her and I want to find out if I have left all those feelings for her."


Jenny sent a text message to him. He would meet her at the door. 
"I'm so happy that I meet you. I come ten o'clock, your Nialler"

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