Unwritten Letters -N.H-

Jenny and Niall were dating before the X-Factor and then broke up. What happens after 4 years when Sage, Jenny's little sister, finds out about Niall? Will things change when Sage tries to help her sister get Niall back? Will Jenny and Niall fall in love with each other?


10. Feelings

Niall was overjoyed. He took direct the letter, unread, and he ran to a store near his home. 
"I want to buy this perfume!" he said quickly to one who worked there. She looked at him in surprise and he held out the envelope in front of her. "It's important." 
She nodded, and she was amused. 
"Is there a special girl?" 
Niall blushed. He wanted a bottle, if the letter stopped to smell and he wanted to spray the scent in his home, so that it smelled Jenny. It was as if he was drugged by her scent and he loved it. It was like a summer breeze and the smell of flowers. He loved the smell, and he wondered if she loved it as much as he did.


"Who has been here?" 
Harry wrinkled his nose as soon as he came inside the door. Niall blushed. 
"It's just perfume!" 
Harry smiled a little bit and he looked over at Niall carefully. 
"Come on, who is she?" 
Niall didn't know what to say. Harry had just pop up and Niall wanted to be alone, to read the letter. Harry still followed him in to the hall and there it's smelled Jenny. 
"I'll explain some other time." 
Harry was amused and he laughed. 
"Niall, is there anything you want to tell me?" 
In the end, he couldn't lie and Niall explained that he wrote with Jenny, the girl who owned his heart.


Harry either laughed or teased him. 
"So she just wrote to you, without further ado?" 
Niall nodded and he sat down on the sofa. He had the letter in his back pocket and he didn't want to show it to Harry. 
"She's a little changed, since she didn't always talked about feelings with me when we were young, but even I have changed." 
Harry smiled weakly and he regarded the Irishman carefully. 
"Talking about it's as on a love movie?" He said well-meaning. "Shouldn't you go over to Ireland and see her?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"I don't know. Right now we are on the right course with another and I want to write a few more times before I go home. I wont be desperate, just because she misses me." 
"Does she miss you?" 
Niall blushed. 
"I think so, she writes it."


"Hi Jenny (again!)" He wrote at the top. "You can't imagine how much this affects me, that you write to me. I look forward to your letter, but one thing I'm wondering. It wasn't easy for you to talk about what you felt for me before, but now you got it easier to do so. Interpret me right, I like it. I only remember that you often blushed and when I asked what you did feel for me, you always replied briefly: "You're good!" and only once did you say that you loved me. I hope I didn't offend you or that you misinterpret my words. I'm currently collecting myself for our meeting and yes, I want to meet you. It doesn't matter if it's at your job or anywhere else. You will get to decide where, how and when.


Jenny! It pleases me that you still have feelings for me and that you don't have a boyfriend. However, I'm sorry that you haven't tried to find a replacement. Yet, I'm so happy that there's only one of me, that you don't got a boyfriend today. God! That sounded stupid, but I hope I don't hurt you and caused you to not rely on others? 


Of course you got my heart and as you already know, I haven't had any after you. I haven't had the time to put on a girl and I haven't relied on them. It's easy to fall in love, but I doubt that girls loves me because I'm Niall. They want me just because I'm known. With you I know that you know me and you care about Niall, the little guy from Ireland.


Please don't stop writing, and I await your response ... Hug your Niall."


Niall realized he wrote too much about his feelings for Jenny, but at the same time he wanted to know if she returned his feelings? Maybe she just wanted to test him, but he doubted that she was such a person. Jenny was honest in Nialls eyes and she would never lie.


On Twitter he wrote, before he went to bed, "Jenny, you know where I am." just to see if she followed him there.

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