Unwritten Letters -N.H-

Jenny and Niall were dating before the X-Factor and then broke up. What happens after 4 years when Sage, Jenny's little sister, finds out about Niall? Will things change when Sage tries to help her sister get Niall back? Will Jenny and Niall fall in love with each other?


5. Answer

Louis drove Niall home and dropped him outside his house and he laughed at the Irishman. 
"Come on!" he said cheerfully. "Don't tell me you plan to tell bad jokes to our fans?"
Niall blushed. 
"I just thought it could be fun?" he snorted lightly. "Harry always telling them a lot of things and why can't I also be funny?" 
Louis just smiled at him. 
"You're funny, but you don't need to work on it. Okay?" 
Niall sighed. He opened the car door and nodded weakly. 
"Talk to you later?" 
Louis nodded. Niall closed the door to the car and then he saw how the older friend went away. They had been in the studio and finally began the songs take shape. Niall sighed and walked to the mailbox, outside the house. The postman had left a few bills and advertising. He took quickly at them and walked towards the door. He went through the letters. From the telephone company and a few others, but it was a special letter that attracted his attention. It was his name on it, but no sender. He didn't recognize the handwriting, or did he?


Niall threw himself on the couch with the letter. It wasn't a typical envelope from a fan. They always used to paint hearts or write a lot of things outside. He sighed and opened the envelope. He was surprised when he found out who it was from and that she had written to him. Niall sat up and he read the letter many times before he understood. 


His stomach was turning in and out, his legs became weak in the knees and the whole he was like a trembling leaf in the wind. Jenny had written to him. She was missing him? He couldn't believe that she had actually written. He just stared at the text, and he didn't know what he would do or say.


It took Niall two days before he decided to answer her letter. He sat down in the kitchen and he had papers in front of him. He chose an ink pen, as it felt more like a good choice. A black ink pen, to be exact.


Dear Jenny


I must admit I was surprised that you wrote to me. Many times I have thought about calling you, but I'm fully aware that I hurt you. Maybe it wasn't mean to be short with you, when we broke up and I changed my mind many times afterwards. Just then, just at that moment, I felt that I did the right thing and I didn't want that you would sit at home and wait for me. I would do so many things and I found no time to have girlfriend.


Please tell me about your life? How are you and are you okay? What do you work with or do you go to school? Are you with our old buddies or do you have a whole new life?


Excuse all the questions, but I have so many unanswered questions to ask you, and actually, it's wonderful to finally get in touch with you. And if you want to know the truth you are in my thoughts.


Your Niall


That same evening, he posted the letter. His stomach tingled, His legs became weak, but he didn't want to miss this chance.

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