I Have Nothing

Maria Matthews has a crush on the popular Quinn Shore for a while and she's always gotten nervous around him. but what happens when her best friend starts to date him????


2. Tomorrow

"I'm so tired i couldn't sleep. Hello???" I ask as i try to get her attention.

"huh??" she still wasn't paying attention. so i stood to block her view of whatever she was looking at.

"do i have your attention now?" i ask while still blocking her view. 

"Oh gosh i'm sorry, i didn't hear a word you said. i just sigh and start going towards my locker. i see why she was staring now though. Quinn was at my locker.

"May i ask what your doing at my locker Mr.Quinn?" i ask while smiling. He gives me that flirty smile.

"Well i came to see you of course, why else would i be here?" he asks with his head tilted a little.

"We'll never know, now will we?"

"i guess not. anyways i wanted to ask you to the dance that's coming up." He tells me.

"uh huh. wait what dance?" i feel really confused. i don't remember anything about a dance. and of course he looks at me that i'm some alien.

"the dance that the school is holding, its tomorrow. and i wanted to ask you." he told me while keeping his face completely normal.

"sure." his face lights up, actually LIGHTS UP!!!! ahhhhhh, i feel like screaming. i pinch myself to see if this is all just a dream. Quinn saw it and gave me the look. but he didn't say anything. he walks away and yells behind his shoulder. "see you in class." i look at Sam and she looks at me. "WERE LATE." we both yell. he run to class and when we get there everyone's already in their seats, even Quinn. we rush to ours and sit down just before the teach walks in. i silently laugh to myself. today's is going better then i hoped.


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