I Have Nothing

Maria Matthews has a crush on the popular Quinn Shore for a while and she's always gotten nervous around him. but what happens when her best friend starts to date him????


3. great... not

 im trying not to jump out of my skin. im so excited. today is the day of the dance. good thing we don't school today. talking to the voice in my head. "that sounds creepy" i say out loud. 


i walk down the stairs to the door and peek through the curtains. i open the door and get attacked by Sam.

"hi beautiful. ive come to help you get ready for the dance." she pretty much yells in my ear.

"thanks, but now i think im deaf."

"whatever. you'll be fine. now get up and get your buttocks up stairs." she demands of me. while pointing at the stairs.

i slowly walk my way up the stairs just to bother her, and she hits me on the butt to make me go faster. so im pretty much running up the stairs.

**** skip getting ready and ride there****

"WOW, this place looks great." Sam tries to tell me. but im to busy busy looking for Quinn.

"i cant find Quinn. can you see him" i ask Sam. 

"N... wait i see him. hes over by the punch." she tells me while fixing my hair to make it look perfect. when she thinks i look fine she shoves me that way. pushing me into the punch. i fall on my butt, my face turning beet red and everyone looking at me. i finally spot Quinn and hes the only one not looking because he has a girl on his arm. well each arm. One of the girls laugh and point to me so Quinn finally turns around. his smile melts off his face and he untangles the girls from his arms and try's to get over to me. Sam comes to my rescue and picks me up to take me outside.

"come on. were leaving NOW." she told me. i was starting to cry and i was grateful that Sam decided to come. once were in the car. i finally break the silence. i tried before but no sound would come out.

"Sam"? i ask

"What sweetheart"? she turns to me

"thank you. i was breaking down and you came to the rescue. Quinn didn't really want me there. he had to girls around his arm. i feel like a fool." i cracked on the last few words. my throat felt like it was closing up and i could feel the tears coming.

" i will always be here to catch you. just think of me as your floor. i'm always here and there's nothing you can do about it." Sam trying to make a joke to cheer me up.

when we finally get to my house, we get out the ice cream and eat our sadness away. while watching the fresh prince of Bel air. 

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