You can't own me

Erin is a stunning girl and she knows it. She has learnt that nobody can own or hurt her. She likes to play with guys. But what happens when she and her friend meet Justin during a party? Read to find out!


1. tonight was mine


•We were actually having a blast! Tonight was mine.

Me and my bestest friend Clara were on holidays in Los Angeles. Tonight we've decided that we should go to a club. But before I go further, let me introduce myself:

my name is Erin and I'm 18 going on my 19 this year. Actually we (Clara and me) live in France but I'm bilingual. My father is American and mother is French. I've decided to go to LA this summer with my best friend because we wanted to do crazy stuff and enjoy ourselves. I'm quite tall, skinny but good curves, I have brown eyes, im a blondie and my body is pretty tanned. Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm good looking. I do a lot of modeling and I know how to play with guys. Actually I had a really hurtful relationship one time and I've learned a lot about it. I know by now that nobody can own and hurt me anymore. I like to have that you-will-never-get-this-girl reputation. But still, I'm not rude to anyone, i like meeting new people. So that's it for the introducing!

We were on the pole dance with Clara and we were dancing like crazy, we were actually drunk. I dragged Clara to the bar to ask a class of water. We were laughing when a black good looking guy arrived to talk to us

"Hey girls, I was looking at you from there and I want to invite you to an other party, come on we could have fun" he said looking at us.

"Sure lets gooooool! Wohoooo" Clara said. I agreed and we followed him

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