You can't own me

Erin is a stunning girl and she knows it. She has learnt that nobody can own or hurt her. She likes to play with guys. But what happens when she and her friend meet Justin during a party? Read to find out!


3. sexy blondie

• *Justin's POV yalllllllll*

I was getting really bored. Where the fuck did Alfredo go? I had been invited to this party with Alfredo but I didn't know a lot of person, plus the girls weren't that good. I waited 5 minutes when I saw Alfredo walking with two holymotherfucking sexy girls. I mean only one caught my eyes. I think it's the prettiest girl I've ever seen. She was laughing, and I swear she could have make a Colgate publicity! I saw then getting on the pole dance and Alfredo went to talk to me at the bar

"Hey man, sorry for the waiting" he said

I ignored what he said, still focus on the two girls that he got.

"Where did you find them? I asked

"Who? The girls? At an other club, I asked them to come with me, and since they're clearly completely drunk, they said yes"

"Well the blondie one (Clara is brunette btw!) is... Stunning"

"I know man, she could definitely be a VS angel!" He replied.

We were both watching them, oh my god, she was so sexy. Then she whispered something to her friend and went down from the pole dance.

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