Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


8. new

Justin's P.O.V

I sit with Scooter talking about whats gonna happened next in my carrier, not gonna lie ITS SO BORING haha. Scooter looks at me he can tell I'm not 100% listening "Justin you have to listen this actually IS about you" Scooter says annoyed  "I know but it's just sooo boring!" I'm saying "then this might be interesting for you, cause you and Demi Lovato is going on a Tour together" Scooter says existed "that's great Scoot I love it, can I tweet this or is a secret?" I ask hopeful that I can cause I don't want to hide anything for my fans cause I love them so much they are the best most supportive fans you could ever wish for "yes you can tweet it haha" Scooter laughs


Wat up guys, just Found out that I'm going on a new world tour along with @demilovato can't wait to see you guys! Love you

I read it then sending it and like 5 seconds after there is over a 1000 re-tweets and comments a few negative but I'm not letting the haters getting me down I just love reading the comments cause then I get reminded who I do this for and my fans deserve to get the best of me I can be "by the way Justin Demi takes her cousin with her so you are three" Scooter says "oh cool who is it?" I ask "uh her name is uh.." Scooter starts while looking at his phone "Isabella here is a picture of her Demi send and she says you guys once was in high school together" Scooter says showing me the pic and I almost drop my phone as I see its her its Bella the only person I never thought I would see again after what she told me last time I saw her "uh cool I guess" I say annoyed that I just 'forgot' about her and now she comes and crashes it all..


Bella's P.O.V

right after I'd hang up on Cat I go to bed...

*next morning*

I get up takes on my clothe and runs into Demi "hey Demi uh can my friend Cat come with me on tour?" I ask knowing she will say no she looks at me "yeah why not" Demi says I knew it then I'm just gonna be on my own "why its not fair come on Demi she is really cool" I beg "I'm sure she is and thats why I said yes" Demi says laughing I smiles and start screaming "thank you so much" I scream Demi just laughs at me "come on we gotta get some breakfast here sit down" Demi says as she gives me a plate with a bread on I sit down and reaches out for the Nutella.

then we'd ate breakfast we just hang out in the bus.


Demi gets up and opens the door and hugs the person "come in Justin my cousins here" Demi says no not Justin not now, I get up to say hi luckily there is other people with him "Thanks Demi nice to see you again" Justin says hugging her "uh hi Bella" Justin says shyly "hi Justin long time ago" I say nicely as nothing ever happened between us "how are you?" Justin asks ok now I really hope Cat's parents says yes so she can come here "good, you?" I ask and I actually wants to know "better than ever" Justin says smiling and I can't believe I admit this but I don't think my feelings for Justin has gone away. I grab my phone from my pocket and finds Cat's number and she answers right away..

phone convo

Me' heey did you ask you parents?

Cat' yes"  she sounds sad

Me' and?"

Cat' I'm sorry.."

Me' no" I say sad

Cat' I'm sorry you have to deal wit me in a whole month!"

Me' what?! they said yes?" 

Cat' yes" 


Me' thats amazing see you tonight (we'd drove to Canada the whole night and morning) 

Cat' yes see you, love you bestie" 

I hang up and everybody stares at me "whats happening?" Demi asks confused "Cat is coming" I say like I'm totally normal "ok so you screamed just because of that?" Justin asks raising his eyebrows  "just so you know I haven't seen her in almost a year!" I say annoyed "and? I haven't seen my friends in a year and a month" Justin says to surpass me "so? maybe they don't want to see you!" I say but realize it was wring to say when Justin gets sad "well I guess I should just go see in a minute" Justin says as he goes out of the bus and all eyes is on me and I know what they want me to do "ok I'm going after him to say sorry" I say as I walks out Demi's manager nods at me I see Justin in between the busses so I runs to him "Justin wait?" I shout while I'm running but he won't stop when I finally reaches him he stops "what!" Justin says mad wow I've never seen him that mad, I mean I knew he could get mad but not real mad "I'm sorry I shouldn't had said it" I say Justin turns to me and looks me in the eyes "thats not why I left.." Justin says as i look down "I don't understand??" I say as I go further, Justin goes with me "I'm not mad I just didn't thought I would see you again.. and I got chocked to see you" Justin explain wait can he still have feelings for me after all these years, but I can't blame him I maybe also still have some feelings for him but I could never date him cause he is famous now, that'd just sound weird cause I wouldn't date him before he got famous so if I do now. no "I also got happy" Justin says smiling its like he'd change from that idiotic bully guy to a new and more mature Justin "come we should go back to the bus" I say Justin nods and turns around to the direction of the bus but he stops right outside of the bus "wait is there any changes that I can get you on a date?" Justin asks with confidence in his voice "maybe.." I say as I open the door and gets inside with Justin following.

*at 19:30*


Me,Demi and Justin is waiting for Cat to come "uh Bella can I ask you something?" Justin suddenly asks "uh Demi I think I wanna go look for her" I say and look at Demi who is nodding, I look around and see a car that really looks like Cat's parents's car so I walk to it "heey bae!" Cat shout as she gets out of the car "hey Cat bae!" I shout back as I run to her and hugs her "I missed you so much bae!" Cat says and when she see Demi she totally fangirls "OMG you're *screaming* you're DEMI LOVATO!" Cat screams and thats when a thousands of people runs to us screaming "ups? sorry guys" Cat says as me and Demi laughs "its ok just run everyone" Justin says as he starts running we other  just follows him behind a building "ok so how did you think we should get away now smart ass?!" I say annoyed but Justin just laughs "Cat is the only one they don't know" Justin says as he smiles I looks weird at him "so what?" Cat asks "so you go out there and says that we ran another way" Justin says "thats a.." I say as i get interrupted by Demi "thats a great idea Justin" Demi says "yeah it really is" Cat say and I gotta admit it actually isn't a bad idea, Cat goes out to a girl she makes her thinking face and then she starts talking to her "THEY RAN THAT WAY!" the girl screams and then everyone runs that way, I can't believe Justin's stupid plan worked "yeah Cat that was so cool" Justin says when we get over to her "yeah Cat you're a good actor" Demi says what! no she.. she just.. uh  no I can't be jalouse of my best friend or.. No I don't even wanna think about it I can't "Cat that was really great" I say as I hugs her 

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