Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


6. new

Bella's P.O.V 


I can feel Justin's eyes at me, I look up too see him smiling "listen.." Justin starts while we stands close in the rain "Bella I really like you.. will you be my girlfriend?" Justin asks making me smile but I can't be his girlfriend no matter how much I want to I can't.. "I can't.." I say then looks away "w-why not?" Justin asks I looks at him I try to look him in the eyes.. but I can't it would just make me kiss him again "because i just can't.. goodbye Justin" I say and with that I leave him standing there alone in the rain...


Justin's P.O.V  


I look at Bella as she leaves me alone I just stands there Confused, sad and cold. 

(next morning in school)

I walks through the hallway with my friends Ryan and Chaz we finds our lockers and I'm telling them the big news I got just this morning "so you know I was waking up this morning and hears my mom talk with somebody on the phone and she gives it to me and guess who it was? it was Scot braun and he wants me to come to USA in Atlanta to make a record deal" I say "AWSOME man!" Chaz says "yeah cool bro" Ryan says then a group of girls comes over to us "hey Justin is it true you are going to USA to record a song?!" a girl named Alexa asks "yeah where do know that from?" I asks " here" she says and shows me her phone that she is on a website

*the website*

'Scooter Braun gets a normal boy from Canada to come to Atlanta to get famous'

"cool!" I say and high fives Chaz and going to class.


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