Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


3. NEW

Cat's P.O.V

I just choose a movie when I hear a *BOOM* so I run into the kitchen "BELLA? ARE YOU OK!?" I shout in panic then I see her lay on the floor I run over to her and trying to wake her but she won't wake up so I grab her phone from the table and calling '999' there does not go many seconds before they answer "HELLO! its about my best friend I just found her laying on the kitchen floor please hurry" I say crying "ok I send some ambulance people out to you so just calm down and tell me the address every things gonna be fine" the man on the phone tells me with a calm voice witch makes me more calm I tell him the address and hanging up and placing her phone in my pocket "Bella please wake up come on I love you so much... BELLA!?" I say with 1000 of tears coming down my cheek and you would know by now she really means a lot to me cause I normally only cry if I'm really sad and worried. 


Bella's P.O.V

I wake up.. but just not in my room I look around and see Cat sit in a chair next to me and when she see I'm awake she smiles more than I've ever seen her smile "hi.. do you remember what happened?" Cat asks worried "yes.. my dad.. he called me..and like 5 seconds after.. I found out it was him everything got black.." I explain "and now.. I'm here..where am I?" I ask confused "you're at the hospital" Cat tells me when the doctor comes in "are you feeling better?" the doctor asks "yes a little" I say but I still feel a bit sick I just hate when people worries to much about me "thats good.. there is a boy out here who wants to visit you are you up for that?" the doctor asks "yes its fine" I say and in comes Justin "I'll let you two be alone" Cat says and leaves the room along with the doctor.

Justin looks down "so how are you" Justin asks I look up at him "uh I'm fine now" I say he nods and then theres absolutely quiet and awkward... 

"how did you knew I was here?" I ask to break the awkwardly silences and cause I have no idea how he could know it "uh Cat called me  she thought you were dying and she asked me to come I don't know why" Justin explains "oh" is all I can say cause why did Cat called Justin she don't even like him and I know her to well to think that she would ever call him in such a situation I just know somethings up "I'm glad you came but I really need to relax" I say and I pretend to fall asleep just to get Justin to go and it worked. 

*next day*

I wake up in the hospital bed argh I'm still at the hospital I hoped it was a nightmare that my dad called me and I blacked out and all *KNOCK KNOCK* "come in" I say Cat peep her head inside the door "hi how are you we didn't wanted to wake you yesterday so the nurses said we should let you sleep here" Cat explains like she just read my mind cause it was actually what I was going ask her I just smile at her a nods "are you hungry I can get some food for you from the cafeteria?" Cat asks I nod yes she leave the room and in comes Justin? "hi.. I thought about do you still want to do that video?" Justin asks smiling weird I don't think I've ever seen him happy cause in school he never smiles like that.. its actually nice to see him smile like that it looks good to him "uh yeah sure why not" I say smiling back at him he grabs his phone and start to film.

*the video*

Justin: hi uh its along time ago since I mad a video last time.. but I want you time meet Bella, my friend..

I look at Justin and he gives the phone to me and starts to sing? wow his voice is amazing 

Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky

I need you to show me the light

Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time

Better believe it

Uh oh, whenever you're not in my presence

It feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah

So I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night

'Til you back again, yeah, yeah

You think I'm biased

To my significant other

You hit it right on the head

Only been missing my lover

Got a whole lotta texts on my phone and I don't reply

The next eight bars tell you why


You're all that matters to me, yeah yeah,

Ain't worried about nobody else

If I ain't with you, I ain't myself

You make me complete

You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah,

What's a king bed without a queen

There ain't no "I" in team

You make me complete

You're all that matters to me

Take the gas out the car it won't drive

That's how I feel when you're not by my side

When I wake up in the morning up under you, and only you

Oh oh, I'm grateful for your existence

Faithful no matter the distance

You're the only girl I see

From the bottom of my heart please believe


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You're all that matters to me

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You're all that matters to me

Justin: hope Liked it see ya


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