killer boy

6 yr old colton steel went to kindergarten eager to tell his new friends his paranormal discovery. not only they bullied him and made him cry ... he decided to make a choice that changed what everyones minds about him.


6. were i ended up

i sit by the trash cans in a vally. hi im scottie the girl says and smiels at me want to be my friend she asks shure i say we walk out of alley while we tell eachother our lifes and stuff. soo u got kiddnaped she says i nod solemly. but why she asks i shrug she cocks her head is that against the law like stealing but a person she asks. i do no if it is or not really scottie its well.. sorta like that i guess. i say she smiels at me you no colton youre ok for a bloody britt. my chocolatte eyes meet her shimmmering green.  i stare into them she looks at me like im crazy i sigh and say your eyes remind me of a peble. a marble.

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