killer boy

6 yr old colton steel went to kindergarten eager to tell his new friends his paranormal discovery. not only they bullied him and made him cry ... he decided to make a choice that changed what everyones minds about him.


5. on news

we watched five o clock news and it showed my school and talked about josph. i ran away upstairs scared to death in my bed. patrick came in asking me whats wrong. " i urderd josph.'' i say he laughs no u didnt. he says " yes i did i dont want to go to prisin i thrown the knife in swer drain i hope they wont finnd it or im screwed.'' i begin to cry my brother does to we confort eachother. over and over " wait what knife!' he asks " yours.' i say " why!" he screams. " im sorry i had to im sorry.' i say beging for forgivness. " whatever colton.' he says and walks away all trew night i cant eat,sleep, or talk. and dont look good in morning. and finnally i dont go to school for awhile. because i ran away. and never looked back.  because if i did i would feel i would feel everything. im scared now dont know were i am... i dont im so afraid. i want home but i stay because i dont no how to go back dont even no if im wanted back.

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