Not So Perfect

Anna is a shy girl who really hates school. She hated school until the new guy Luke came...


2. the new kid

*i hope you liked the first chapter!!!*

Anna's POV

Wow, ok maybe today was different, the new kid was a boy. A cute new boy! And HE talked to ME! Not any of the stupid populars Kerry and Jen, no no, he talked to ME!!! Oh god, he was so hot, and his lip ring oh lord. We have the same one! But he is so hot, it's unreal. Oh too unreal.

Luke's POV.

First day of this new school, I thought it would be stupid but it turned out ok. There was this really rad chick with the same lip piercing that I have! She's super cute! I said "hi" and tried to start a conversation and at first she looked confused but she eased up after a bit of time. I hope she doesn't hate me or anything.

I hope tomorrow she talks to me as well.

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