Not So Perfect

Anna is a shy girl who really hates school. She hated school until the new guy Luke came...


4. the movies

*idk what to say haha, I'm still thinking of a nickname*

Luke's POV

I picked her up and she looked gorgeous. She was wearing a shirt that said "Merci beau coup" an Ariel sports bra (it showed through her shirt) an Ariel beanie, and ripped jeans. So hot :)

Anna's POV

He picked me up, and he was wearing jeans and a rad t-shirt, hot:) he said " oh, well you look cute" and he smirked in a way that made him look so fricken hot. I stuck my tongue out at him and he chuckled.

Luke's POV

Damn, she stuck her tongue out at me ;P

Anyways haha... We got to the movies and she said her favorite movie was "the Fault In Our Stars" so we watched that. I put my arm around her, and she started to cry from the movie. I lifted her chin so her face was almost in mine. I said "it's okay. Okay?" And she whispered "okay" then slowly I went in to kiss her. She relaxed and ran her fingers through my hair. She then bit my lip and I hugged her tight. The movie ended and we got in my car. I leaned in to kiss her and we kissed until her phone rang. It was her dad. I drove her home then called my best friend calum. We talked and I told him everything. He said "maybe she just likes your lips, maybe she wants to be friends" I got upset and he was right. I knew nothing. But when I looked in the mirror her red lipstick stained my lips and cheek, and there was a clump in my piercing. My hair was fluffed and my shirt was twisted. It was obvious we made out but did she only mean it as friends...?

Anna's POV

I got home and my dad said "Anna what happened to you?" I looked in the mirror. My hair was fluffed, my shirt was scrunched up, and my lipstick was speared. Shit! I hope my dad doesn't think anything. I said "oh I was crying cuz I saw TFIOS again with a friend no biggy" I ran to my room and called my best friend Gwen. She said "haha, you went on a date with Luke Hemings?? From 5SOS?!" I said "ya, but he didn't sing to me or anything, but idk" we talked for hours then hung up because I was tired and out of breathe.

*theres a lot going on! Do you think Anna and Luke are together now or still friends?? Comment!!

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