Not So Perfect

Anna is a shy girl who really hates school. She hated school until the new guy Luke came...


1. morning

Hello!!! Thanks for reading my book thing!!! I will come up with a nickname for you guys soon! Comment if you have ideas! I hope you like the book(≧∇≦)the picture on the cover is a picture of (the hottest man alive <3) Luke Hemings and me<3 so ya haha

Chapter 1. Morning.

Anna's POV.

I woke up. I hate waking up on a school day, it's the same routine. Wake up, stay in bed for extra 4 minutes, ask to stay home, get denied, take a shower, get ready, leave. Same crap every time! Honestly if I had good friends, or if people liked me, I would like school! But I have 3 friends that's it! Ugh...

I got to school and to my surprise my English teacher said that we were getting a new student. I hope I can actually speak when they come, it would be nice to have friends. Well I guess I get to stay at school, go home at 3, then same routine... Ugh!

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