Not So Perfect

Anna is a shy girl who really hates school. She hated school until the new guy Luke came...


3. can we talk?

I hope you enjoy!!!!

Luke's POV

Me: "hey, I'm Luke" then I winked ;)

Her: " hi. I'm anna" Anna, that's cute

Me:" cute"

Anna: "what?"

Me: oh uh nothing, hey do you wanna hang out after school?

Anna: wait what? Really? Uh sure.

Me: ya ok cool

After school we went to the park. It was so fun, and she is so cute. When she smiles it's adorable her glasses make her eyes sparkle. Ugh damn, I really like her. And I just met her!

Anna's POV

wow, so we talked and he winked at me and woah I like almost died, he had this a smerk and his lip ring, oooooohhhh wow I was falling for him, and I was falling hard.

Luke's POV

I wanted to kiss and hug her and hold her, but I couldn't, I'm in the friend zone for now...

Luke: wanna watch a movie on Friday

Anna: um sure :)

Luke: cool. Should I pick you up at 7 or something? Haha

Anna: 7 sounds good

Luke: ok :p

Anna: haha ;P

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