Life is beautiful if you find love but what if that supposed 'love' comes with secrets , secrets that no one but only that person knows.Melody Rose is an diffident yet resolute girl .So what happens when a certain mysterious boy enters her life . He has this catastrophic aura around him . His past is always with him but at the same time it is not .She had different ambitions but her fate has other ploy as she falls for this guy .Everybody has secrets . Can Melody figure his secrets out . Will 'he' allow that or will she be left heartbroken .Questions are many but is someone willing to answer them . Only destiny knows.


4. Chapter-4

"Wait , where are you going ?" , I ask him frowning because if going out at this is not acceptable for me then it is not acceptable for him either.

"I have some work to take care of .. I'll be back soon .. yeah ..uh " , he says to me and is out of my sight before I can protest against his actions of stupidity .

I am utterly confused so as what to do . In a weird turn of events , I have somehow ended in Zayn's house ...all alone. Not knowing what to do , I am still a little shocked mind you , I just take on path towards living room . All the paperwork/mess ,from when we were working here , is still scattered on table and around . Without any further thought , I start cleaning up the mess . Firstly I gather all the papers and organize them serial-wise , then I put pens on one particular place and settle the cushions on sofa, which Zayn had so carelessly thrown on floor when we started working . There was nothing else out of place in the living room and it is kind of questionable , if you are getting my drift . A boy living on his own and everything is in proper place , that is quite suspicious if you ask me , more so when the boy is someone like Zayn . I mean , aren't bad boys supposed to be throwing parties 24x7 or may be he is too busy getting stoned in someone else's party or too busy scoring girls ... or may be I should just stop making judgmental passes  , it is not my place anyway.

I wonder where his parents are , I mean the guy is living alone , I doubt he could be a teenage runaway , seeing that his condo is all but cool as they term it . Just as the thought crossed my mind , my eyes automatically went to the picture-wall from earlier. Without knowing , my feet carried me to the other side of room , where the pictures were hung up on one beige wall . Seeing pictures after pictures of Zayn is overwhelming for the fact that his parents are very much alive in those . Why is he living here alone then ... has something happened to his parents before he moved here ... are they dead ? M any questions are bubbling inside my head , but neither is it respectable nor my place to justify these questions for my mere curiosity .

Taking my time , I stroll around the remaining house of the current floor . I easily find kitchen and start towards it . Checking my watch , I see it is around 8:30 in evening . My phone has died long ago and I know that I won't be able to make it home today , might as well as get comfortable . With that thought in mind , I made myself some pasta and leave some for Zayn in the microwave. I make my way to living room room and onto the couch , nearby to it , I find a blanket on one of the single sofa . Pushing a cushion under my head and tucking blanket up to my chin , I am lulled to sleep within coming minutes .


I am abruptly woken up from my slumber as a crashing sound makes its way towards my ear . My rational side of brain tells me to stay put in my place , in-case it's a burglar but my irrational side , the more curios side tells me to find out the exact reason for the sound . Standing up , I tip-toed towards the kitchen, presuming the sound has come from kitchen . The silhouette of a person is visible under the moon-light coming from the big window . The person had not yet sensed my presence , for that I am grateful . This person is a little clumsy in their movements as they keep staggering with each step they take while I am quietly observing them from behind the counter , safe in the shadows . Finally managing to open the microwave , when the light from microwave illuminates the face of my sleep intruder , I am relieved that it's only Zayn and I need not worry about someone breaking into the house .

Quickly traveling the distance to him , I snatch the plate from his hands before he can crash it too . His head snaps up towards me when I commence the said action but his eyes are still hooded , making it known that his brain processing was slow . Not waiting for him , I make a straight cut towards the counter with fast steps .

A sudden pain shooting from the sole of my left foot halters my steps . I look down to find shreds of broken glass scattered around the floor and one of the big piece stuck in my foot , I get a sudden remembrance of the crashing sound I heard minutes ago . Unexpected as it was , I couldn't stop a little whimper escaping my mouth at the sight of blood . I am not a little girl that can't cope with a sight of blood -not anymore at least- it was more for the way it was oozing out that made my stomach churn . I gripped the edge of the counter that ran along the wall of kitchen as I limped towards the breakfast counter on my right leg , what I hadn't realized was the fact that Zayn had stumbled towards me and was helping me along the way . I only noticed once I was fully seated and he was sitting on a stool beside me .

"I .. uh are hurt. " His tone was somewhat slurred but a hint of concern could be easily detected in it .

"Yeah ..uh ..." I agreed with him , well of course I am hurt , there is a freaking glass in  my foot ! He nodded in hypnotically kind of trance and I watched him with an skeptical look , even while I felt pain because of the glass in my foot , it was amusing to watch Zayn behave in a comical way nonetheless .

"Yes, yes ...I shall help you" I almost laughed at his choice of words but the thought got erased from my mind as he started swaying off his stool as soon as he finished the sentence . I limped on my right foot but still managed to hold him stable . I doubt he will not fall face first into the glass shards around him with all the stumbling he is doing .

"What are you doing , are you stupid !" I hissed at him as soon as he was seated again .

"Help ..your wound ..clean." He frowned while saying and I smiled a little at his speech , his mind is more disoriented than I thought .

"Tell me where first-aid kit is ." I asked , more like in an demanding tone as I looked down at the now familiar sight of glass in my foot .

"Yes , I ..get it ."

"What ! No, I will get it ."

"No, no ...I ." He finishes the sentence with gesturing to himself .

"Just tell me where it is ." I asked with a defeated sigh , it was not the time for childish arguments.

"No !" He said and shot me an furious look as he walked , stumbled, to somewhere deeper in the hall between kitchen and living room .

I slumped down in my seat because it was of no use to limp after him . He came back after a total of five minutes and his appearance was improved by a small scale . I don't mean it in a offensive way , no , but, his eyes were not bloodshot anymore and his posture was dramatically straight in contrast to his hobo-like appearance from before . He was carrying a clear plastic box with him , first-aid kit of course . I instantly knew that Zayn I am used to , is back , too bad I was enjoying playful Zayn very much .

"...Thanks ." I took the box from his hands before he can utter a word , putting it on the counter-top . I hissed as I tried to touch the piece of glass, it's probably deeper than I anticipated . Zayn moved my hand away from my foot as he sea ted himself on the stool in front of me .

"Let me do this ." No slurred speech this time , just words spoken with conviction in tone and confidence that lead me to believe that he would do the said task anyway , even if I deny his offer , which was spoken more like a command in itself .

He crouched his back , a little bit , so his eyes and mind can solely concentrate on my foot only . His eyes moved up to meet the pair I own , may be in a silent question but that lasted for a moment before his hands started moving forward . His left hand proceeded to grip my ankle , to keep my foot in place , for better stabilization and then his right hand shot out towards the glass piece , which felt like watching an creepy insect crawl, I was dreading the finishing second of the mentioned crawl . I hissed as his hand came in contact with the piece, making it move inside my foot .
He looked up , just for a second and I was fixated on the movement that had occurred . His face was shielded from expressing any emotions he was feeling , if he was feeling something but his eyes were a different story . They still were tinted with a hint of red at the brims and edges and little more drooped than they usually are , but a lot of emotions were swimming in them ; intensity of them is what kept me staring at the spot from where they had moved seconds earlier . It was not what I expected from him , if I am being truthful ; I expected that cold emotionless facade of him , which I have known of him from the start .

"All done ." My eyes snapped awake from the dreamy stare and all the thoughts clogging my mind like a fog cleared up . One second my eyes were on Zayn -who was now drying his hands off with a towel in middle of the kitchen - and next on my foot , where a little amount of blood was flowing , my eyes  followed this routine for a while .

"Wh..what ?" I am pretty sure that my face was showing as much as of confusion as I felt in my brain .

"What 'what' ?" He asked , his face -for the first time showing some emotions- mirrored my confusion.

"What ?" I asked incredulously , what is he trying to do with his words !

"What 'what' !" Oh , so now he is getting annoyed .

"For the millionth time ..what !"

"... and don't you dare repeat my words , so help me God , I will ..."

"Wait..." I stop mid-sentence upon hearing his words and wait for him to continue .

"I am not repeating your words .."

"Yes , you are ." I can't help but cut-in.

"Wait wait wait !" He does some hand gestures which I guess can be interpreted as a sign for me to not interrupt this time , so I hold my breath and wait for the continuation .

"I am not trying to annoy you .."

"Well you are doing a pretty good job at it then ."I say with a snort . Only when Zayn shoots me a glare does I realize that I have interrupted him ..again. I give him a guilty smile and pray he doesn't mind my interruption that much.

"As I was saying , I wasn't trying to annoy you , I was just confused."

"Wait, what ?"

"What 'what' ?"

"Oh now you are doing it again ! "

"Doing what !"

"Exactly !" I am sure I screamed this one word .

"What 'exactly' !" He screamed back alright .

"Stop doing this !" My vocal cords very getting exercised today very well , that too , for one thing only .

"Stop doing what ! " We were -somehow- standing in the middle of the kitchen now , into each other's faces to be precise .

"Repeating my words ." My voice was in its normal range now and my vocal cords were not being stretched .

"Oh ."


"Okay ." My breaths were coming up a little shallow and I'd be damned , but Zayn was also experiencing the same .

"Okay ." I said at once , as I realized that my reply was delayed much too late.

There was a moment in which we just stared at each other's eyes but it ended soon and my senses -which seemed to have been blocked till now- came flooding back . We are at different ends of kitchen in an instant .

"Lets go ."

"Huh ! Where ?" He looks at me for a second as if speculating his answer .

"To sleep ." He states in a 'duh' tone .

"But you haven't eaten anything yet ." I say with concern and moreover, confusion clear in my voice .

"That's what you're worried about ?" He asks in confusion .

"Yes , of course ."

"Oh ." He doesn't says anything after that and I worry if he is going to faint , his eyes were still blood-red , mind you .

"So ?" I prompt him to break his silence .

"So what ?" He questions . Oh dear God , here we go again but this time I'll try to be more patient with explaining .

"Aren't you going to eat something ?" I ask with careful tone , I don't want a repeat of what happened minutes ago .

"Oh that ."

"Yes that ."

"No , it's fine , I already ate ." I can't help but feel a little disappointed at his words . Supposing we'll have dinner together was too much to presume , I guess .

"Oh ." I say , hardly concealing my disappointment in my words but either he couldn't decipher the tone or he just ignored it altogether .

"Okay , lets go then ." I didn't have any second to protest as he was already out of the room before I could have even opened my mouth .


"Uh .. Zayn ?" I question from the entrance of what I suppose is his bedroom .

"Yes ?" He asks , turning to look at me once and then continuing with tidying up of his room .

"Where am I going to sleep ?" I squeak in a small voice , I felt this question was a bit more embarrassing when spoken out loud , it wasn't so in my head . He entirely drops the task he was doing - he was almost done anyway - and looks at me with an eyebrow raised .

"What do you mean ?" He asks after two minutes of silence , I think him raising an eyebrow was sufficient of a answer to my question ; for him .

"Where am I going to sleep ?" I repeat my question while scratching my forehead . I was wrong , it can be more embarrassing , like this instance of me repeating my sentence , that too , from mere minutes ago . Now he looks confused , although I see no reason why .

"Here of course ." He gestures towards the bed .

"You are kidding right ?" I ask in disbelief .

"What makes you say that ?" He asks rather than answering me .

"What makes you think I will sleep here ...with you ?" I choose to answer ...with a question of my own .

"Why , what is wrong with me  ?"

"Don't you see ?"

"See what ?"

"Us , me and you ."

"What about that ?"

"You are a boy and I am a girl !"

"Yeah , thanks for clearing it out , I was having some doubts before ." I never knew Zayn was capable of sarcasm . then again , I have not known him for long .

"What I mean is , we can't sleep in a bed together ." I explain after taking in a deep breath to calm myself down . I swear he does all this on purpose ! riling me up, I mean .

"Why not , this bed is big ." He says in exasperation .

"We can't sleep together !"

"Why not ! It's not like we are planning to do something !"

"You know what , forget it ; I'll just sleep on the sofa ." I say in a defeated tone .

"What ! No you won't ."

"Watch me ." I turn to leave but Zayn's voice stops me .

"Either you sleep here or you get out of my house ."

"You are not serious , are you ?" My voice is thick with disbelief .

"Oh , but I am ." He looks smug now , with a little smirk playing on the edges of his lips .

"Fine ." I huff in annoyance .

"Fine , okay , what are you waiting for then ?" My eyes were narrowed in death glares as I move towards his bed .

"You are not going to sleep in those , right ?" He gestures his hand up and down , regarding my clothes . I look down at my clothes and am somewhat surprised to see them covered in dirt in many a places .

"Well , what choice do I have ?" I ask in obvious sarcasm and annoyance , he was getting on my nerve-endings now .

"Um...." He looks apprehensively towards my dirty attire and then to his clean sheets.

"Either I sleep in my dirty clothes here and spoil your clean sheets or ...." I wait for a minute , just the right timing to add a dramatic pause ; so that Zayn is entirely concentrated on my words .

"I can sleep downstairs on your already dirty sofa ." I complete in a sing-song voice .

"No offense though , to your sofa ." I quickly add , sensing he might throw me out for offending him in such a manner .

"None taken ." He waves his hand off dismissively .

"So ..."

"You are not sleeping downstairs , Melody ."

"Oh , so you are willing to get your bed sheets dirty ?" I am sure a smug smile was on face.

"No , no , um....."  He is contemplating what to say next .

"Lets get you changed and lets not forget that we have to treat that ." He says and points towards my foot .

"Oh , I completely forgot about that ." I look down at my left foot , I had obviously forgotten about that ; I am not exactly in pain and it is clotted not but we still have to treat it , unless I want it to become a wound .

I am so sorry for such a short update and for the lateness .
With many a hopes ans wishes that you'll enjoy this piece of writing , I take my depart .
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