The Diary Of Mr Muggles

I do not own Heroes or any themes or characters invloved in the Heroes series. They belong to Tim Kring and anyone else who own the series.

The cute, loveable dog from Heroes has a diary! We saw how each day affected the main cast, But how did all of this affect Mr Muggles? Follow each day as he introduces us to his family, and attempts to become like Claire and makes new friends. Find out how he felt during each day withhis Diary!

Bad summary, May be slow to start.


1. May 13th, 2007

May 13th, 2007


Dear Diary, 

Hello! My name is Mr Muggles and this is my diary. Now... Before you ask, I am not one of those big people with the two legs... I am a dog. Not just any dog though, I am the dog for the Bennet family. My home is pretty big and i three people living with me. Some times when i walk around i see myself in both a shiny mirror and on the wall. I think the older woman may be obsessed with me, Because my paws barely even touch the floor. I'm always in someones arms, being carried from one place to another.

My life is fairly simple. I wake up, get loads of attention, eat some food, get some more attention then i go back to bed. To some dogs that seems boring, But for a showdog like me it is the only time i get to be normal.

One of the people in my house constantly wears a outfit that seems weird compared to the peoples clothes i have seen on the television and the other people around me. She is very nice to me and always hugs me. She seems to have a busy life as i always seem to wake up whenever she comes home. Actually... Now i think about it... She is the reason i wake up! She always shakes me! Not that i'm complaining though... That is the sign of food!

Then there is that scary man with the weird things on his face. He is never really here though, which is good because i always seem to feel like he brings problems to our peaceful little home. And don't even get me started on that blonde haired boy. That kid just wants to cause trouble. Unlike me. I am the calmest dog ever, and i will always protect my home.

I feel like something bad will happen soon though. I don't know why, but i just have a really strong feeling in my little gut that this little home is going to change for the worse soon. Lets hope that doesn't happen for everyone...

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