No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


8. The Note

I woke up early as usual, I got dressed up in a pair of black jeans and a black Ramones t-shirt. I made my daily makeup and brushed my teeth. I ate breakfast with my mom and my dad. And short after was Harry here in his black (new cleaned) Range Rover. Silly to say but it was actually a bit dirty before he cleared it yesterday.

I jumped in and made me comfortable in this light brown leather seats. "Safety belts on?" He asked. "Check! Let's go." I said and we drove away.

Today he was wearing a half opened flannel in the colors blue and black, a old pair of brown shoes that he always wears, black jeans and a black hat with sunglasses.

"I'm going to the hospital today." He said and I nod. "Oh, then you must say hi to Anne from me." I smiled. I haven't met his mom only heard her speak over a phone. "Yeah about that I-" "watch out Harry!" I shouted when I saw that he was very close to drive over a poor little cat. "That was close." He said with a release. I agree, that cat is lucky to be alive and so am I.

"So what did you want to say earlier?" I asked when we parked at school. "No it's nothing, I take it later." He said and smiled weird, something wasn't right.

After the lunch Harry went to the hospital. And stayed at school. I asked Harry before he went to the hospital if I could borrow his history book because I forgot my back home.

So I took out his book from my locker and tried to find a place to read the book. And as I opens the book a note falls out and lies on the floor. And the first thing I see when I pick it up, he wrote something with my name in it.

It's been a while now, so hi xx :)

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