No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


1. New School

It is my first day in a whole new school. I knew that this day is going to freak me out.

I swallow hard and hold my bag hard. I do not know anything about this school. I was scared. I didn't know what would happen today.

My mom said it will be fine. And as an answer to that I shook my head and told her that this isn't going to be good. But you know, a parent doesn't know anything about this generation.

Forced to jump out of the car I walked slowly into the building. It was students everywhere. I was scared to get squeezed by all the people.

So I waited to the most of the people leaved to get to their classes. I hold my schedule hard to knowing for sure that I wouldn't lost it.

Few people had run or walked in to me without saying they were sorry. I starting to think that this school is so, different from my other.

A guy, in my age, a bit taller than me, dark hair, nice cheekbones, dark and brown eyes followed my eyes as his face follows me while he walked by. But when he passed me he looked forward.

His perfume was now coming, smelled good. It made me almost drop my schedule.

My class was starting in 2 minutes. Then the principal showed up in the same time. He was around 40, but he still looked young and old somehow. But he was a bit attractive.

"Sorry, I had to talk to a student first so I am very sorry that I'm late. So I'm going to follow you to the first class, then I'm letting someone guide you around." He smiled and I nod. He seemed nice.

We walked somewhere I'm sure I won't find back from here for sure. I would be lost.

He knocked on the door and opened it. Everyone looked at me. I started to blush. I hate when people stares at me.

The principal started to talk but I didn't listen. My eyes landed on a corner. Five boys was chatting to each other. One of them was the guy I saw earlier. They looked at me so I looked back at the teacher and at the principal.

"So who would like to guide miss Clair around?" He asked. No one did pay any attention. "No one?" He asked again. I stared to think that they hated me. And that they won't like me.

"Okay, the person who guid her will get a day off." First up was the boys in the coroner, then some girls and other boys.

"Okay Louis, come here and show her around." The other guys smiled to each other and one of them stand up. They pushed him while he was walking. "Go for it." They said low.

Nervous as I was standing there and waited on him. He was also a bit taller than me. He had darker blonde hair or some shade of lighter brown. His eyes where light blue and a bit green.

He took up his hand. He wanted to shake hands with me. So I did it. "I'm Louis Tomlinson." He smiled. "Clair Hemmings." I said and smiled back. He was handsome.

When we walked out of the classroom I noticed that he wasn't that nice anymore. He was much more cooler.

He walked out, and he stopped. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket.

"Do you smoke?" He asked while he light it. I looked at it, with terror in my eyes. "Of course not." I spit out. As I said those words he grinned to me.

"What's funny?" I asked while he breathes in the toxic smoke. "No nothing." He laughed for himself. The air around us was now smelling the horrible smell of cigarette smoke.

"You're the first one that said no to a cigarette on this school." He trow the cigarette away. "So what?" I asked. Me who was shy, was now talking to a guy?

He shook his shoulders like he didn't know. He walked up to me. I looked up and wondered what he was doing.

He took my arm and pulled me one meter to the other side from the door. "What are-" the door opens up really fast, and out runs a few boys. "You're welcome." He let me go. "Thanks, I guess." He walked back in and I lost him in the group of people.

I searched for him but it was too many in the way of my wive. So I guess I was lost. I waited on him to come back and get me to our next class at least.

I felt someone holding my wrist. I looked up from that side. It was Louis of course. "I will take you out of this mess and take you to our next class up stairs." He looked down at me and I nod. He started to walk and first I almost fall down but I didn't. I found the balance in time.

We passed people and almost walked into people. He walked so elegant and not so much like me.

We was near the stair when he asked me if I was doing fine. And I almost was expect almost fall everywhere behind his back.

He let me go by myself up, I made it without doing anything wrong. I felt proud.

"It's the second door, good luck." He said and turned around. "Aren't you going?" I asked. He fixed his hair with one hand. "No." He said short and started to walk again.

I came in right time. And took a seat next to a girl. She talked a bit to me.

"So how is Louis like? I have never talk to him." She said like she was obsessed with him. "Well.." I started. "He seems to be bad." I counted. She smiled big. "I know that but did you two talk about anything special or something?" She asked. Well he might act like a bad boy but he seems to be good too. "No." I lied. And in same time the classroom door opens.

A/N this is one of my fanfictions on Wattpad, but I will write both here and there :) xx / Connie98

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