No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


9. Love

How can tell her that I like her? What if I ruin our friendship we have? What if everything goes wrong? How can I tell Clair Hemmings that I'm in love with her?


Is this note real? Did I just read this from a note from his book? Was this on purpose? I smiled, he likes me!

I almost jumped between people when I was going to the history class. I felt so happy.

Harry's POV

I didn't go to the hospital, not today. I made it clear to see what Clair would say, what she feels.

I expect her to come to home to me when school ended. I walked around in circles in my house. I don't usually get nervous but right now I was.

The first day I saw her she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She made me laugh and she cares about me, she showed that the second day. I would love to have her as a girlfriend but I'm scared that I would hurt her because of what I have, what I'm made of.

The time just float away and she knocked on the door. I opened it and she jumped on me. "Harry!" She shouted and hugged me tight. It's looks like she feels the same?

"Hi on you too." I smiled and she give me that beautiful smile that makes your heart melt. "Clair?" I asked and she nod. "What is it Harry?" She asked and my heart beats like it's soon going to explode inside my chest. We were still standing in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room. She looked at me as she waited.

"You found it? Didn't you?" I asked. She looked down. "I'm sorry Harry, I read the note in your book. I know I shouldn't read you private things. I-I don't know why I did it? It kind of just happened.." She was still looking down. "Do you feel the same?" I asked and now my heart was on expectation mood. She looked up at me. "If this explains." She whispered and kissed my lips. Her soft lips, felt like the first time you sees the sea for the first time. The wind blowing trough your hair, the seagulls, the fresh smell of salt and water and the sun warming your skin. But best of all, she were more beautiful than the sea.

"I see." I smiled and she hugged me. "You're so warm and fluffy Harry." She said. Her sweet perfume, smells of grapefruit and some exotic orchids.

"Knock knock." I asked and she smiled. "No knock knock jokes Harry." She laughed. "Please it's good." I begged her. "Okay fine, who's there?" She asked. "Will Joe." I said and I grinned. "Will Joe who?" I smiled. "Will you be my girlfriend?".

Clair's POV

He made a knock knock joke and it turned out to that he asked me to be his girlfriend.

"Yes Harry!" I cried and kissed him. He laughed softly, because of I'm so childish. "Sorry." I smiled and he hugged me. "It's okay Clair." He smiled and looked into my eyes. "Have I ever said that you're eyes really are amazing?" He asked. "Never." I laugh. "Well then I tell you that. You're eyes looks amazing." He said. "Thanks." I smiled.

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