No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


2. Late

As I look up at the person who comes in with a storm. Everyone shut their conventions with each other and looked at this guy.

Our teacher stand up. He took off his glasses. "Styles?!" He shouted. The guy didn't respond and sat down in to the corner down in the classroom. "Harry, this is the second time." He said a bit clam.

Our teacher walked out of the classroom.

Harry took up a book from his back pocket, and I started to wonder if it really could fit in there.

He started to write in it. He was focused on the writing. His eyes followed every move the pen draw in the book.

I was fascinated by him. He was absolutely nothing I have seen in my life. He was handsome, bad, but artistic.

Our teacher came back again, but not alone this time. The principal came with him. Harry looked up, he noticed that I started at him so I looked away.

Harry's hair was in a bun, he had a creamy brown chocolate hair color, forest green eyes and pink lips.

He packed his stuff and leaved with the principal.

He looked quick over to me. He looked in to my eyes before he walked out. I looked down.

After school I started to go home, I remember where I was supposed to go. I walked out of the school yard. "Hey Clair wait a sec!" I turned around, I don't really have any friends here.

Louis run up to me. "Hey where are you going?" He asked and tried to catch his breath. "Home." I said like it was obvious like it actually was. "Are you doing something special on Friday?" He asked. I was busy on Friday.

"Sorry, I can't." I said. He looked a bit disappointed. "Saturday?" He asked once more. The truth was I actually was free that day.

"Well.. I guess-" "Oh good, I pick you up around 7." I was surprised by his quick answer before I even could say anything.

"Sure." I said and grin. "And I hope you don't see this as a date, we only met today Louis." I absolutely didn't see Louis like someone I really would date, he was more like a friend type. "Yeah, yeah sure." He said and smirked.

He left and so did I. It didn't take long until I got home. After getting lost three times.

My mom looked at me when I got home. "Hey honey." She hugged me. "Mom.. yeah hi." I hugged her back because if I didn't she would hold me like that for a while.

My older brother came down from upstairs. "Hi mom and sis." He walked into the kitchen and preferred a sandwich and left. I made one too.

As I left the kitchen I took up my phone.

From : +44 xxx xxx xx

To : +44 xxx xxx xx

Hey it's me Louis, I got ur number from a friend. What's ur address? ;)

So he found my number already? I added his number and write a message to him.

To: Louis Tomlinson x

From +44 xxx xxx xx

Haha okay :) well I live in the last house near the Main Street (not sure what it's called) :)

I send it, after a few minutes he replayed.

From: Louis Tomlinson x

To: +44 xxx xxx xx

I think I know we're it is, see ya in school tomorrow gtg bye :)

So I had a meeting with Louis in two days and I needed to see what I could wear. I walked in to my brother's room. My clothes was in there, pretty annoying if you ask me.

"What are you doing?" He asked when I walked in. "Well last time you walked in to my room you asked if you could drop off my clothes in my room but I said no. And now I'm here to pick them up." He didn't say anything so I took up the first box. He helped me with the other one.

"Thanks Luke." I smiled when I dumped the box on my floor in my room. "No problem, I just wanted to get off them." I laughed and hit his arm soft as a joke move. He smiled. "See you later sis." And left my room.

Okay, well I need to find something to wear tomorrow too like as Saturday. I found a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. I was my Zeppelin shirt. I thought I could use them on Saturday.

I picked another t-shirt but this was a American Horror Story shirt. "All Monsters Are Human.". It was one of my favorite tv shows.

The next morning I woke up late. And I had 45 minutes to get ready to school.

I took a shower on 10 minutes, the fastest shower I have taken so now I hade around 35 minutes left. I shouted to my mom to prepare breakfast but she didn't reply.

Instead of waiting I started to get dressed in my outfit I did yesterday. I put my hair in a ponytail and put on some natural makeup and brush my teeth.

I run downstairs to the kitchen and found a note.

"Working earlier today, dad ends 12, I love you both, mom."

That means I have no time to prepare breakfast myself and I got to go now if I want to make it in time.

Hungry and late was I to my first class. My teacher looked on me and I smiled awkwardly. "Sorry." I said when I distracted the class.

Ashamed of myself for coming 30 minutes late I looked down on the floor and took the first chair who wasn't taken. As I sat down I felt people stare at me.

I looked up and looked next to me. No I didn't think that I had walked all the way down in the classroom. And where I was now was obvious.

I was sitting next to someone in the boy corner. But I don't know who.

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