No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


3. Flirt Boy

I tried to just be clam and try to not do anything wrong. Then he laid his book on the table and open it.

I tried to look inside his book. And read some few tiny words from it. But suddenly he opened a new blank page. I looked down on the table but I wanted to look at him. See his face.

"You're name is Claire right?" I looked up and laid my eyes on him. He was still writing. "Yes." I said. He smiled to himself. I looked at his hands. His right hand hold the pencil perfect. But he wrote so tiny.

"Curious?" He asked. "Not to be rude but yeah." I said. He laughed a little. "Too bad, you will never know what it is-"

"Sorry, you might not know what my name is, it's Harry." He said and gave me a small smile. I nod.

Rest of the class he didn't talk much, he just lived in his own world.

When it was lunch I did the same as I did yesterday. I hang out with Louis and his friends. I can't remember their names. But I guess the expect me to remember.

As I sat down I saw Harry. He was sitting by himself, alone in a counter near us. I thought I could maybe make him company. I raised up and noticed that the boys looked at me. I sat on the opposite side of the table next to Harry.

He didn't look at me. "What do you want?" He said and picked his food with a fork. I smiled to his silliness. "I'm only trying to be kind." I said and he looked up.

"Well you shouldn't, not to me at least." He looked over his shoulder and then back to me. "I guess the others think the same." He said and I knew he talked about Louis and his friends.

"I don't mind." I said and took up my phone.

"What are you going to do with that?" He asked and looked at my phone. "I was about to ask if I could get your phone number." I almost blush, what did he think I was supposed to do?

"Oh." He said with a surprise and took my phone.

He typed in his number and gave me back my phone. I added him to my contacts. "Thanks." I smiled and he took he's plate and walked way out from the cafeteria. Instead of following after him I walked back to Louis and his friends.

"Why did you go over to Harry?" Louis asked. Is was obvious, he was jealous.

"He was alone and I felt sorry for him." I said. Well it was true, I haven't seen him around with someone. He is too perfect to be alone.

"He is alone because he chose to be it." One of the other guys said. "He was our friend for two years ago, but I don't know why he just left us." Louis said.

I looked over to the empty table there Harry had been sitting next to. I wonder why he left his friends behind? I wouldn't left my friends without telling them the reason. I wonder why Harry did that?

After school I texted Harry. I asked what he was doing. And he texted me back, well after a couple hours.

From: Harry ;)

To: +44 xxx xxx xx

Hi, sorry I was out. I'm glad that you want to talk to me and tries to be my friend but I don't want to have any friends, see you in school, Harry xx

Why don't he want anybody around him? Why does he want to be alone? Harry is like a mystery and I want to know why he is like he is.

I wanted to reply to Harry but my ideas wasn't good enough. So I ended up like this.

To: Harry ;)

From: +44 xxx xxx xx

Why do you have to be so mysterious Harry? ;)

Or maybe I shouldn't have send it? What if he didn't want to reply that or never wants to talk to me again?

He replied, I didn't expect that though.

From: Harry ;)

To: +44 xxx xxx xx

I just want to be alone. It's earlier that way. And we all have our secrets, don't you have any secrets? ;)

Oh my god, did he flirt back? Did he just do that? I smiled and replied back.

To: Harry ;)

From: +44 xxx xxx xx

Did you just flirt back? ;)

He was quicker to answer this time.

To: +44 xxx xxx xx

From: Harry ;)

I guess I was this time ;)

He is something and I know it. I can't wait to Monday so I can meet him again. So I can see his pretty face one more time. But then I forgot, my meeting with Louis. I forgot him. Well it's tomorrow, and I hope he will get here in time and will not get lost on the way.

Hi ! Hope you enjoy this story so far! Lots of love from me connie98 :) have a good day and don't forget to tell me what you think ! :D xx

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