No Regrets H.S

A love story Clair won't forget.

A love story Harry won't regret.


10. Accident

I woke up by the most annoying alarm sound. I took up my phone. It was the 23rd only. That means that Harry never asked me to be his girlfriend?

From: Harry ;)

To: +44 xxx xxx xx

I coming soon H.S

I trow my phone on the bed and started to get ready for school. And I woke up my brother who still was sleeping. "LUUKE! Wake up." I said and opened the window. "Close it, it's cold!" He shouted tired from his bed. "No, get up now." I said and leaves. I hear him groan and gets up from his bed and goes to close the window. Looks like my plan worked.

My mom was the down and making breakfast. "Where is dad?" I asked. She turned around to see me. "Oh he's working today." She smiled. "You look pretty today." As my grandma told me to say thanks if someone says you're beautiful or pretty or whatever. Even if I doesn't even think that. ".. Thanks mom." I said and smile, it felt fake as much it was.

I sat down and saw Harry coming. "He is early today." Mom smiled. "Why would her boyfriend want to be late?" Luke said from nowhere. "Shut up Luke!" I said and he grinned. "Stop fighting." Mom said. "But m-" "Invite him instead of being childish Clair." Mom said and it made me angry.

"Are you ready?" He asked. "I haven't even eaten breakfast yet." I smiled. "Well eat then?" He smiled and I walked in. "Come in." I said.

My mom like she is. "Have you eaten breakfast Harry?" "Well-" "Come and join us, take a bread and maybe Cheerios if you want?" He didn't want to be rude. "Mom.." I said. "What? He is our guest." She said and smiled to him.

After mom had be chatting with him, he seemed to be more comfortable. "Thanks for your kindness Mrs Hemmings." He said. "You can call me Elisabeth or just Liz, Harry." "Okay but thanks anyway Liz." Harry smiled and I just wanted to get out of here. "Wait a second I will just run up and get my bag and we will go." I said. And run up.

Harry's POV

Clair run up to get her bag. Luke came up to me. "I know you two is only friends but if you hurt her, I will hurt you." He said and looked serious on me. "You know that I'm 2 years older than you?" I said not be cool. Just to see his reaction. "I know, that's why I have older friends." He said and walked out. "What was all that about?" Clair asked from the stairs. "It's a long story, maybe not so long after all but it's between me and your brother." I said and she shook her head. "I'm sorry if he said or did something bad." She said and sighs.

"Don't let it bother you, let's go instead, or we'll be late." She looked quick over to me. "Go on." I said and push her with me to the door. "Harry." She said and smiled. "It tickles." She looked at me. "Hurry or I will come back and tickle you." I said and walked out. "Bye Harry!" Mr Hemmings shouted from the kitchen on the inside. "Bye Mrs Hem- Liz!" I should back.

When I sat down in the car and suddenly Clair came running to me. "Are you ready now?" I asked and looked at the clock. "Yeah now I am." She smiled and I smiled back. "Okay, let's go." I started the radio. I tried to find something good. But I didn't find any. So instead I let the news be on. "..Breaking news, two buildings workers form THM got hurt really bad by an accident earlier this morning, and they are now on special treatment for their injures.." "Please stop the car." Clair said. She was pale in her face. It looked like she had seen a ghost. "Are you okay?" I asked her and I stopped the car. "It could be my dad! He is working there!" She shouted worried. "Clam down Clair he is probably fine." I said. She started to cry. "I need to know Harry, I need to know if my dad is alright." She sob. "So what do you suggest what we should do?" I asked and she was shaking. "We drive to the hospital." She said.

I parked and walked with Clair to the information disc. She hold my hand. Her eyes was a bit red after the crying and she was still sensitive. "Don't worry I said." She hugged my hand hard. "But, I am." She whispered. "I-I will ask her if he is here." She said and walked up alone.

She looked up at the old lady who was sitting there. I looked at their convention, I couldn't hear them. But I saw that she asked about her dad's name.

It took just a few seconds before her legs couldn't hold her up anymore. She collapsed. I run up to her. "Clair?" I asked and she cried to my shirt. "It is going to be fine miss." The lady said and Clair continued to cry. I carried her next to me to a chair in a waiting room. Her head is lying on my shoulder and she continued to hold my hand. I hold her hand because I want to be there for here. "I'm here with you." I whisper in to her hair. I kiss her head and she hugs my hand tighter. "Thanks Harry."

After a while I feel her head getting heavy. She is soon falling asleep. "I should call your family." I said. She nod. So I stood up and took up my phone form my pocket. Figuring out how I'm was supposed to tell her mom that her husband is injured and is on the local hospital for treatment? But before I even call them I saw Mrs Hemmings rushing in, also as a sinking ship like Clair. They both where sad. "Liz!" I shouted and she saw me. "Harry?"

It's been a while now? I don't known actually haha but anyway. I hope you all are having a good time ! Love you all xx / connie98 on wattpad ;)

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