The Murder Of Justin Drew Bieber

Katie, is sick and tired of Justin Bieber. She hates the thought of breathing the same air as him, but what if he didn't breath air anymore?

So she gets a team together, called the AOJDB (Assassination Of Justin Drew Bieber) there only mission, to kill Justin Bieber, and nothing will stop them from trying.

Rated Yellow for violence and teen humour. Copyright. You will die if you copy my story without permission. DIE!
IM SO SORRY FANS OF JB! Please no hate, it was just a story idea.



WARNING! If you are a die hard fan of JB, I suggest you do NOT read this, because it is about killing JB, so ya. I would like it if you dont hate, because I am just writing a story lots of people will laugh at. Its mostly like a humour novel. So please, no hate. 

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