Electric Children

A small boarding school near Oxford hosts some of the most elite artistic boys and girls in the world. Our hero, a seventeen year old girl named Eva starts school at the academy and makes friends with girls, Poppy and Suzy. She even gains the attention of a boy who is known for his ability to make any girl lust after him. Everything seems to be going great till she finds herself deep in something she shouldn't be in.


3. three


       I laced my boots shaking as I strung the laces through the holes. Poppy was looking through my records and had just set on Knife Man by Andrew Jackson Jihad. The fourth song was playing, Back Pack, my favorite. Suzy was half dressed on her bed, not wearing a shirt. A cigarette hung from her lips and a fan was pointed towards her; to keep the stink away. I picked myself up and walked myself to the mirror. My hair was knotty and hung to just under my boobs. The polo I wore was navy blue and was to be worn on all school days as was the plaid skirt I wore. I wore black knee high socks and black doc martens to match. My makeup was simple with just a thin line of eyeliner on the top. I was the first day at my new school and I admit, with my new friends, I was excited to start. Walking to the first class most of my worries faded away mostly because for the first part of the day I would be going to academic classes. After lunch I would go to film and stay there till 3:30 when classes were dismissed. Still I was very nervous. I walked through the halls to my first class, History, on the second floor east-side room 204. My backpack felt heavier ever closer step I took towards the classroom. My hand floated to the doorknob and with a gentle turn and push I was already submerged. To my surprise the first thing I saw was Apple, and she saw me too. Her eyes were pinned on me then suddenly just as quickly she looked at me she was smiling. She pat an empty seat next to her. Slowly and reluctantly I walked to the chair and sat; the chair was ice cold and my back pack felt like a bag of bricks on my back. "Hi I'm Apple!" she held out my hand for me to shake it," What's your name?" 

"I'm Eva. I'm new and by the way Apple is a very pretty name." I took her hand and shook it with a grin on my face. 

"Awww! You are quite the cutie aren't you? Anyway Eva I think we might be good friends, do you agree?" she laughed leaning closer to me. Without words I smiled and nodded my head which I think she thought was adorable by the way she tilted her head as I did it." What are you focusing on in your first year Eva?"

"Well, I'm doing film this semester and next semester just basic visual art. What are you focusing on?"

"I''m an actress," she said proudly though I already knew,"Listen I saw you talking with those two loser, Poppy and Lesbian yesterday, and I just want to let you know don't trust em. I did that once and I ended unpopular and bored as fucking hell."

"Well they are my roommates so its kinda hard to ignore them."

"Listen, just do it?" Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a boy. His lips perfectly shaped in a mix of thin and thick, his nose sprinkled in dark freckles, eyes piercing dark blue, and messy yet neat dark dark brown hair. His face was  beautiful and shaped like a stone sculpture. Apple noticed my glance and shook her head as if disappointed in me. "So, Eva, this is Adam; my boyfriend. Adam this is Eva, she's going to be my new friend!" Adam gently set down his bag then turned to me his eyes beautiful and unable to read. The expression on his face looked both bored yet intrigued; something I've never seen before. He sat down to the chair behind me and I tried my hardest to keep my eyes forward. The class was slow and long and I spent too much time worrying about everything I had to to here at the school. My eyes wandered the class which was filled with more boys than girls and all the girls were circled around Apple except one. A shorter looking girl with long straight red hair sat in the very front of the class; she kept staring at the board. Two boys behind her were signaling (or making a bet it looked like) who would fuck her first. The girls in the corner all stared at Apple every once and a while to look for approval in any way. I didn't dare look back at Adam in fear that I would gain his or Apple's attention. At the end of class I grabbed by bag and ran out the door as fast as I could without looking like a complete freak. 

    Three classes later I was on my way to film which was on the basement floor. "Hey hey Eva wait up!" Poppy yelled running up and linking arms with me." Ready for my favorite class?" I nodded smiling at her. She led me into the room which was huge well huge compared to the number of people in it. Four other people plus a man who must have been the teacher sat up front. "You are late Miss. Reynolds." The man shouted sternly at Poppy without even turning around. Poppy smiled," Shut up Harry you don't want to scare the new one." she pat my head and sat down in a chair closer to the front. "Oh sorry about that," the teacher said losing his intimidating attitude as he took off his glasses. He reached out a hand to me," Hi I'm Mr. Trench, but you can call me Harry. You must be Eva Ryder," I shook his hand," We are so glad to have you in our little class. As you can see we aren't very popular her, but we have a shit load of fun. Take a seat and we'll start." I sat next to Poppy and I could already tell there was something going on with her and Harry. Harry talked about what we would be doing over the next semester. We would complete several small projects before having to create either a 20 to 30 minutes of live action short film or a 5 to 10 minutes of animated film as our final project. By the end of the class I wasn't ready to leave; I wanted to stay there till I had to come back tomorrow. I couldn't though so I left; Poppy stayed behind she said she needed to ask Harry something. I'm not a fucking idiot though I know what she was doing, and I couldn't blame her Harry was fucking hot.

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