Electric Children

A small boarding school near Oxford hosts some of the most elite artistic boys and girls in the world. Our hero, a seventeen year old girl named Eva starts school at the academy and makes friends with girls, Poppy and Suzy. She even gains the attention of a boy who is known for his ability to make any girl lust after him. Everything seems to be going great till she finds herself deep in something she shouldn't be in.


5. five


         "Honey, sweetie, Eva wake up you have a visitor." Miss. Persimmon, my nurse, propped me up to a sitting position before handing me a glass of water and leaving. When the door opened again I expected Poppy or Suzy to walk in and jump onto my bed and hug me, but to my surprise it wasn't them it was Adam. He wore a black button up with black jeans. His floppy hair was tied back into a tiny bun at the top of his head which revealed his large under and side cuts. His blue eyes looked black from where he stood in the doorway; in his hands was one single wildflower. "Uh, hi," he mumbled after closing the door," uh Apple wanted to see if you were okay, but for some reason she sent me. I don't really get why she didn't come herself, but." he walked closer and handed me the flower which I took willingly and placed in my lap. He sat beside my bed in a chair and looked everywhere, but at me. "Whats wrong?" I finally asked after minutes of eerie silence. "Huh. Uh. I don't- uh. Whats wrong with you? why are you here?" he stuttered while moving uneasily in his chair. " Well I get cold very easily, I always have." my response was filled with shy pauses. "How did you get so cold?" 

"I was dancing in the rain. Its stupid I know but how could resist." I picked up the wildflower and twisted the stem once around my index finger. He chuckled," I would have done the exact same thing." he stopped laughing began to fiddle with his fingers," Anyway I'm glad you're okay." we sat there for a bit after before he stood up and started heading for the door. "Do you even know my name?" When he heard me he turned around and stared at me. He looked vaguely angry," What does that mean?" 

"Sorry, I just mean I met you once. Before today you never said a word to me. How do I know you even know my name?" he stepped away from the door and closer to me.

"Eva, I met you in history where I sat behind you and admired you as much as I could while staring only at the back of your head. Also in dinner last night you sat at the table across from me and I couldn't keep my eyes off you. Your name is something I will not be forgetting anytime soon." I said nothing for I couldn't think of anything good to say. Shit, if he wasn't dating the most powerful girl in school I would have got up and kissed him right there, but I didn't and he walked out slamming the door behind him. 

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