The Job

Victoria Green is the normal 24 year old who is trying so hard to get her first job after finishing college.Her best friend Luke is helping her by setting up all her interviews.
So what happens when Luke gets her a interview for being a personal assitant?


2. I'm Dreaming

"You what!!"I scream.
"Well I didn't actually get you a job, he wants to meet you and see if your fit for the job"Luke says moving his hands around as he talks.
Thats when my smile that was on my face disappears.
"So what you mean is that you got me a interview,and the other person has to ask me a lot of questions and then do a background check on me"I say.
"I have no idea what you just said but my friend Justin was telling me how his dad needed a personal assistant"he explains"I being the best friend told him how you were looking for a job and your really smart and all ,so he said to tell you to go to his dads business thing and he'll take it from there."
"Who's his dad?"I ask getting the vegetables again and beginning to cut them.
"Don't freak out but....."he says.
"But what?"I question.
"His dad is Tyler Grey"he says covering his ears.
I drop the knife that I pick up to chop the veggies and turned to look at him.
I then screamed on the spot as our eyes met.
"You got me a interview for Mr.Grey, London's billionaire, you know how much people kill to get a job to work with him and you got me a interview to be his personal assistant!"I yell."Your the best!!!" 
I ran up to him and hug him like he would be taken away from me.
"Don't thank me you have to thank Justin I mean he was talking about his dad and then yeah"he says with a smile"Heads up though the interview is tomorrow at 11 in the morning."
"Okay I'll be up by then.Thank you some much Luke , so what do I have to do this time?"I ask while going back and working on dinner.
"You don't have to do anything this time"he says innocently.
I give him a look.
"Alright Well you see Jessie is coming to visit us next week and I have plans to go with Alex to her families cabin with her next week"he explains"I was wondering if you can like look after her for the week I'm gone she's only here for a month."
I state at him in shock.Is he serious? Jessie ,Luke's sister, is gonna stay with is for a month and I have to be with her. She hates me. You can't have a decent conversation with her or else it turns into a argument.
But Luke got you that interview? My subconscious says.
"Yeah sure"I say chopping the vegetables trying to let out my anger.
Luke looks my way and he has a surprised face that I actually agreed to take care of her sister who's a Junior in High School.
"Really?"he questions.
I nod,"Yeah I mean we could hang out, watch movies, go do stuff girls do."
"Thanks Vic I gotta call Alex and tell her the news"he shouts while he runs out of the kitchen.

What have I got myself into? I won't last! You got this! Ugh!!

After eating dinner with Luke talking about how he might be in this baseball game for charity.Since all his co-workers are doing it he decided to do it too.

"It might be somewhere in between the month that Jessie is gonna be here. Ohh and you have to go to and bring your boyfriend"he starts to laugh when he finishes his sentence.I glare at him since he knows I haven't had a boyfriend since forever.

"I'm kidding but I got 5 tickets pre-ordered since you know I thought maybe you'll meet someone in your new job and he could come , but since you don't have one you have to atleast find a friend or something but it has to be a boy"he explains while eating.

"Well I'll see maybe we can go to the club one day and let Jessie have a day to herself and you know I can probably find a guy at the club.Oooh or a bar because when I think about it I don't want to take a guy who was probably trying to dry-hump me"I laugh.

Luke joins in too.I don't know how we ended up going to sleep because I remember brining out this wine I got from a long time ago a gift from my aunt who lives a few blocks away from our house.Then from there it was a blur to me.

When I wake up I'm on the couch with only my sweats and my sweatshirt I mange to put on before dinner.I hear noises coming from the kitchen,Luke's awake.I get up from my spot on the couch and walk into the kitchen.

"Victoria I heard about the news so Luke and I got up really early and bought you this"I get startled at first and then I realize it's just Alex.I then notice the green bag on the counter.

"Guys you didn't have to be me anything"I say smiling and hugging them, whispering a thank into their ears.

"Well we already got so you have no choice but to accept it"Luke jokes while drinking his coffee.

I get to excited and open the bag in a hurry.As I start to pull out the items form the bag, I see that they got me a grey dress with a black belt,a black plain purse, and some black high-heels boots that got up half way on my legs.I give out a big gasp and hug them again.

"Omg this must have cost you a fortune"I say looking at everything.

They both smile at me"It's nothing just consider it as a gift when you get your first offical job"Alex smiles.

"Well go do your things you have to leave soon"Luke yells while smiling.

I stick out my tounge and gather everything and hurry up stairs.

I shower first and then start doing my hair in a ponytail that looks bussinessy.I then put on my usual makeup.From there I start to get ready.As I finish I decide to take a mirror selfie so I could put it on intsgram or twitter I don't know.I laugh to myself and then start to gather my stuff for today.

"Looks she actually looks like a bussines woman"I hear Luke gasp.

I glare at him before getting a waterbottle.

"Okay Vic, Justin told me that his dad is very stirct so don't screw it up.He says that he takes these interviews very serious so if you mess youor done"Luke explains."I made these card to show you were to go and what to say once you get into the building, Justin says that he'll ended up meeting you after the interview and you'll know who he is."

I nod and take the cards looking over them."Okay right stay focus don't say anything stuipd and use my smart brian and try to win him over"I say.

Luke nods then kisses my forehead.He whispers good luck then goes into the kitchen.Once I get out of our house I go up to my car putting the location into the old GPS I got for a present from my grandpa and grandma when I got all A's for then whole Freshman year in college.

I notice the drive is about 20 minutes away so it's not that far.

"You have reached you destanation"the GPS says shutting off.I park infront of the building.

I grab everything I need and get out.Thats when I look at the building I'm about to go into.

"I'm Dreaming!!"I say.

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