Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


2. Chapter two: The mall

Finally the last period, chemistry. Good thing it's not that boring because I have my two best friends and my lovely sister. There's only 10 minutes left but it feels like 10 hours and Maite isn't making the wait any better. She keeps on telling us the time which everyone knows make it feel even more longer. I can't hear which is good but she always taps my shoulder and signs me the time. Which I think is worser than hearing it. My thoughts were interrupted by the bell ringing. Yes! We all walked out and went into maite's car. I sat next to Amy, Maite and briana were in the front seats. I quickly took out my phone and went on my Instagram to see if there's anything new I set my phone on my lap and waited for the vibration. I looked over at Amy and she looked out the window. What's wrong?
Amy POV. 
What's wrong with me? Why do people hate me? I looked out the window. I always get picked on. People are always calling me 'slut' and pass me notes with very mean comments. What did I ever do to them? I looked at Jamie and see she's busy on her phone. I looked at my arms I slowly turned them over and see all my scars there faded. i feel lost with out them i need more. i slowly flipped over my arms and I looked back out the window. I feel a light tap on my shoulder. I turn to face Jamie. She smiles at me "you alright?" I smiled back I think she's the only one who can always make me smile. I signed back. "Im alright" she smiled and we giggled. The car stopped and maite shouted "we're here!!" I quickly covered my ears. "Hey just because you scream doesn't mean that Jamie can hear you?" Briana said while getting out of the car. I giggled, we all got off the car "well time to shop till we drop" Jamie said in the most Girly voice ever we all laughed and walked to the mall.
Michael POV. 
I flicked through the channels. Ugh there's nothing! I turned off the tele and graved my phone I quickly scrolled down my contacts and clicked on Ashton. I started texting
"Hey ash where you guys at?" I waited for a reply my phone quickly sounded. "Where at this mall. Why?" I quickly texted back. "I'm just bored and wanted to know" Ashton quickly replied "wanna come we're at the food court checking out the lady's" I laughed "yea sure I'll be there in a few" "AWSOME" I laughed and quickly graved my car keys and was on my way to the mall. 
*At The Mall*
I parked my car and walked to the mall I'm actually quite surprised that the lads weren't spotted. I walked and see the lads right away. I walked over to them "hey man glad you made it" Luke said "I only came because I want to find someone new" Ashton and Calum wiggled there eyebrows "aww Michael want a lady friend" I laughed and sat next to Luke. I looked all around the place as the girls would pass but no one who caches my eye 
Jamie POV. 
We tried on ever possible dress we could find. We all laugh it was kinda like a movie. "Hey guys I'm hungry can we go eat" I piped up they all looked at me. "Come on Jamie ten more minuets?" I rolled my eyes "fine but if I die it your problem" I sat with arm crossed and watched as the girls tried on dresses. Amy came out with a beautiful peach dress (if you've see geek charming its that dress she wears at the dance in the end of the movie) it was tight on the top and loss from the bottom. It's was like a dress made for a princess. Amy looked like a princess. Maite and briana soon came out and there eyes popped out. They started telling her stuff I couldn't really tell cause they weren't signing but I read there lips 'you look fam?' Maite said 'ugazing' I think briana said ugh this is so frustrating. "Guys?" They turned and looked at me. "I don't know what you guys are saying?" They ohed "sorry" Maite signed "hey Amy you should buy that dress it looks really nice on you" Amy looked down and blushed. "Hey guys I'm stating to get hungry can we go eat?" Briana said. "Yes!" I said with excitement "ok we can go but Amy has to buy that dress first" Maite said going back the change. Amy looked down "what's wrong?" I walked up to her. "Nothing just I don't feel as pretty as you guys tell me I am" I rolled my eyes "your buying this dress and your right your not as beautiful as we say you are, your more than that and never let anyone tell you different?" Amy smiled and walked to the dressing room. We bough Amy's dress and we were on our way to the food court. 
Michael POV. 
"Guys I'm bored" Calum whined. "Ok let try something different, lets see who can get the most numbers?" Ashton said with an evil look. "Wow there Ashton I don't think we should do this to the poor young girls" Luke said "well Im with Ashton on this, we're only getting numbers it's not like we're going to have sex or anything" Calum said. Luke crossed his arms "I still think it's wrong right Michael?" They all looked at me. "Wow don't put me in this position" I looked the other way and saw a couple of girls. "Hey Ashton I dare you to try to get there numbers?" Luke hit my head. "Michael! Have you guys forgotten that were in a band and a famous one?!" Calum laugh  "ugh yea were so famous that we had to leave to mall cause we were being mobbed?" Ashton laughed and Luke crossed his arms and sunk down in his char. "Step aside fellas leave this to the master" Ashton got up and walked over to the group of girls. "I bet you 20 bucks he'll have all of there numbers" "deal!" I exclaimed. Calum and I shook hand. We turned and looked at Ashton we see him smile and shake his curls the girls giggled as Ashton talked. I see the girl in the middle write something down. They waved goodbye and Ashton come back. "So?" Calum and I questioned "I got 3 the other girls had boyfriends" I looked at Calum and shouted. "Pay up!!" Calum rolled his eyes and took out his wallet. I looked to my left and see a beautiful girl, she was short had black hair and a nice body. "I getting her" I told the lads nodding towards her. She was standing alone, I got up and started walking her way. The lads cheered me on and I smirked. I stopped in front of her "um I'm sorry to bother you but I couldn't help but notice that your one of the most girls that I've seen all day?" The girl blushed. This is a piece of cake." T..thanks" she giggled "could I have your number?" She blushed and wrote her number on my wrist. I smiled and she walked away. I walked back to the lads. "Oh Michael's got game today" Calum patted my back. I looked over at Luke and see him staring at someone I looked to see what he's staring at he's looking at a group of girls. "Go for it Luke" I hit his shoulder scaring him a bit. "She's so beautiful" I rolled my eyes and looked at the girls again they sat down and moving there hands like crazy I razed my eyebrow up,weirdos "who the future mrs.hemmings?" Calum and Ashton laughed. Luke turned red. "Aww Luke's blushing, lets go talk to them" I got up and pulled Luke with me this is going to be interesting 

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