Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


6. Chapter six: Pizza

Amy POV.
(Please read my A/N at the end of this chapter. Thank you) "Ok let's go check back stage that's the only place we haven't checked" we ran to the back stage entrance and see a bunch of people walking around and setting up the stage for any last minute preparation. "Look it zayn maybe he's seen her" briana said walking over to him "hey babe" zayn looked at briana and smiled "you made it!" Zayn hugged briana and kissed her "yeah um I wanted to ask you if you've seen my friend, she's about my height, thin, blonde , blue eyes......." Zayn stopped her "woow, I've seen about twenty girls that fit that description today. Is there anything in specific that would make her stand out?" Briana looked at me "she's deaf" zayn looked at me for a minute "well I saw Michael with a girl and they were doing weird hand gestures, would that be her?" "Yes, where did they go?" Briana said "well Michael is going to perform in two and he took her with him over there." Zayn said pointing at the VIP section "I think I see her!" Maite exclaimed "let's go" Maite and I left and briana stayed with zayn.
Jamie POV. 
I watched as Michael and his friends walked up the stage and started playing. Felt the floor vibrate and a tap on my shoulder. I turn and see a guys smile at me I smiled back at him. He tried talking but stopped. I tooled my eyes I should really get a sign that says 'I'm def' I handed him the white board I brought from the dressing room. He smiled and wrote 'hello, I'm Niall and you are?' I giggled a bit I wrote "AWSOME name!!! My names Jamie :)" I handed the board to Niall and he laughed. He started writing, 'so how the concert?' 'Fine just look forward to seeing one direction I guess' 'what do you mean I guess' 'well I was invited by Michael and my friend briana (who's dating zayn) dragged me along :(' 'you don't like one direction? :(' 'I like their music but i wouldn't say I liked them :|' 'have you seen them before?' 'Nope but I guess they're like the typical boyband' '?' 'You know good looking, kinda like you for example' 'well thank you', I laughed as Niall bowed down. Niall laughed and looked in back of me and spoke. Shit I don't want to tell him I'm def. "um sorry my ears are kinda sore" Niall shook his head and wrote "it's okay I just asked if you Michael's girlfriend?" I blushed "oh no I just meet him yesterday, he's very kind and everything but no" I said. I see Amy and Maite running over to me. "Hey I gotta go it was nice meeting you" I shook nialls hand and ran over to Amy. "Where have you guys been!" I whisper shouted "where have you been? We were looking all over the place like crazy" Amy signed "i got lost in the crowed" Maite raised a brow "how did you get in then if we had your ticket?" I mentally faced palmed remembering the way I got in "I rather not talk about it but the good thing is that you founded me" Amy started signing "Michael is coming over here" I quickly turned around and se Michael jogging over to us. He talked but then stopped "Amy could you translate please" I looked over to Amy. She rolled her eyes and signed "so what did you think?" I smiled "it was cool but I didn't get to see everything because I was talking well more like writing with a guy" Michael frowned ,sign, 
(a/n: sign is a shorter way of saying she's signed because I'm to lazy to write the whole thing)
"what guy?" "Oh just a guy who come up to me. His name was Niall, he was really sweet" Michael looked down and then back up ,sign, "do you like him?" I scrunched my noise with a smile at how cute Michael looked "he's cute but not really my type" Michael peeked a little smile then hide it by looking down ,sign, "what's your type if you had to choose?" "I guess I like someone who care free and had a colourful personality" I said ruffling his hair Michael laughed and then backed away ,sign, "hey not the hair" I giggled as he fixed his hair. "I'm hanger. Can we order a pizza when we get home?" I turned and asked Amy. "No you know I don't like pizza more than twice a day" Amy lazily signed "well I can eat pizza at anytime and any moment" I huffed Michael smiled ,sign, "I could invite you go eat pizza at the hotel where staying at?" I smiled and looked at Amy with pleading eyes "no, Jamie mom will freak if we don't get home before 12." I rolled my eyes "well can't we call her? And tell her we're staying over at briana's?" Amy looked at me for a second. And rolled her eyes "fine but your taking the blame if mom finds out" I smiled and hugged her "I'm ganna take you up on that offer Michael under one condition, can I bring my friends?"
A/N first of all I'm sorry I haven't updated!!!! It's just I have problems with finding out were I'm going with this story? Dose that sentence even make sense? Well what I'm trying to say is that I feel like this story is not well structured I just wrote this story without thinking how its going to end or how they would make there relationship work? I don't even know where I'm going with this story so as of right know I guess I'm putting the story on hold (it won't take me long to get everything ready) ill post an update in two too three weeks from now (hopefully earlier than that cross your fingers) hope you guys understand and if you have any ideas just comment them and I might consider them. Well see y'all later 
Ps. Don't forget to check out my other story's.

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