Love at first sign|| michael clifford

"I don't sign" "I don't read lips"


7. Chapter seven: consequence

Amy POV.
"What the hell is wrong with you guys. You think lying to your mom would work and then think she wouldn't find out after you hanged out with a famous person?" Mom yelled/signed at me and Jamie. "Ok mom look if this makes it any better we didn't do drugs or had sex with anyone" Jamie signed and I giggled. Mom rubs her forehead "look I trust you guys but why did you lie?" I giggled even more. "Oh yeah we should have just call mom and what? 'Hey mom we're going to hang out with a bunch of guys in a hotel oh but don't worry because we're only going to eat pizza?" I sarcastically said and then translated for Jamie. "Ok that sound bad but girls don't ever lie to me again, ok?" "Ok mom" we signed/said as we slowly tried to walk away. "WOOP almost forgot you guys are grounded" we stopped "aw mom noo!!" "Sorry your punishment is no phones at home, no going out only to school and back, and you guys have to do chores. Wash dishes, take out trash, laundry, cook, and clean the rooms including the bathroom and living room" OMG "mom that's a lot!!" "Well you guys should have thought about that before going out with out permission. Now get ready to go to school and when you guys come back I want your phones on the kitchen table. Okay?" I rolled my eyes "yes" "ok bye I'm of to work" she grabbed her car keys and went off. "Well I'm going to take a shower" I turned and made my way upstairs. "Wait!" Stopping I turned and looked at Jamie. "Since we're already grounded, do you wanna skip school?" "What,why!?" "Look Michael invited me to spend the day with him and his friends and I really want to go" "Jamie you just want me to go so I can translate. You know I don't like being used" Jamie gave me a sad look. "Stop Jamie you know how I feel when you do that" her eyes started tearing up. "okay yes ill go! Just stop it!" Jamie smiled and ran to kiss me on the cheek. "Ok get away from me but I'm still taking a shower. I then continued my path to the shower. 
Luke POV. 
"What!" I ran around the bus looking for a clean par of pants. "How come no one woke me up?!" I shouted "you looked so cute sleeping" Calum laughed "hey we tried but you were out cold" Ashton continued "anyways we're going out so you didn't have to wake up?" Michael said while texting. "What If I want to go?" I asked innocently trying to play it cool "okay well get ready they'll be here in 5 minuets" Michael said looking up from his phone. I see pants next to Michael and  grabbed them and headed to the bathroom. "Will Amy be their?" I asked from the bathroom. "Yeah Jamie managed to convince her! Why?!" The thought of Amy gave me butterfly's. she's not like other girls, she's so intriguing. "Hey Luke they're here" I quickly took a look at my hair in the mirror and ran out and there she was looking beautiful as always. "Hello" waved that Jamie but looked at Amy. She gave me a smile and a small wave. And the butterflies start. "Have you guys eaten yet?" Michael asked. "Um no" Jamie said. "Okay let's go eat first" Calum said walking towards the car. I call shoot gun Ashton ran over to the front. "I'll drive" Calum said in disappointment because he has to sit next to Ashton "so I guess that leaves us in the back" I said awkwardly "yeah" Amy said smiling and heading to the car. She looks so perfect....... 
Sooo sorry guys that it's short but hope you guys liked it. I honestly thought this story was going to be a disaster but a got a few comments that gave me some inspiration so thanks to you who ever commented hope to get more votes and comments ☺ 

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